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Contributed by Bobidom: Asia City Bazaar, La Fuente at 1Borneo and Ocean World

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Happy Fasting Month!

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I went for a movie 2 days straight last weekend before new movies coming up next week.

Watched The Expandable and Repo Men.
Both movies were great i must say :)

I absolutely loved the man packed action in The expandable.. tho i cringed at some of the body explosion and slashing actions haha!
My favourite scene would be the part where Sylvester stallone and Arnold schwarzenegger appeared in the same scene.
Script was brilliant.. IF you get the joke :)
They also have some scripts that relates to individual actors real life experience.
But overall, storyline wise is just so-so to me.
But it is definitely worth to watch :)

As for Repo Men, I love the unexpected twist!
and the storyline was not bad at all!
Looking forward to watch Love in disguise and also Eat, Love and Pray next ^_^


Finally went to gym yesterday during this fasting month...
I can only go as far as 20 minutes interval training cardio =_=
That's ok.. will go back to 40 after Raya to burn off all the Raya food muahaha.


BB had a sleepover at my house last Saturday.
We had our sahur together with my family.
Ngeeeee =D I absolutely love the feeling ^_^


I managed to snapped few photos of my grandma's kueh at the Bazaar Ramadhan in Wisma Wanita.
Wah lao.. only 6 vendors lol.
No competition at all.
Which is good news for them compare to other places.

My Grandma and uncle sometimes arrived late due to other custom orders for Ramadhan.
But Alhamdulillah, they only need to stay as long as 2 hours coz everything were snatched by the hungry customer by the time they arrived @[email protected] *macam resident evil*

Nasi Ayam German

Mee Kuah Wan


Koci & Puteri Dua Sebilik

Pulut Seri Muka (Durian)

For those of you who haven't tried and would love to try,
you can always drop by to Wisma Wanita during this fasting month.
I'd suggest around 3pm - 4pm would be just nice, just in case they come late and finish early :)


Last night i didn't manage to go for Terawih prayer since my family and i went for Buka Puasa outside.
So for dessert, BB brought me to 1B to eat Tiramisu at La Fuente, 1 Borneo.

I received lots of nice review on their food especially their Tiramisu.
So we decided to order 1, and add chocolate ice cream as side dessert.

Chocolate Ice cream was rich and YUMMY!!!!
Cost RM3.50 a scoop.
The Tiramisu on the other hand cost RM14.90...

I do have to state that I like Bella Italia and Little Italy's Tiramisu better.
La Fuente's Tiramisu is not bad, don't get me wrong.
But it still can't beat the 2 old schools.
Plus, some of the ladyfingers are not really soaked in the coffee,
hence, i constantly bite on the hard part.
Which never happened b4 when i eat a Tiramisu dish.
So... yeah :)
AM planning to go Grazzie next weekend and also tapau home some mix grill menu from Eddie's corner :)


As I was browsing through my photos,
I noticed i havent blogged about the KK Ocean World which Rina whined and asked me to join her before. (heh =P)

Nope... no little fishies involve.
Tho it was expected.. our inner kid instinct got curious and pushed us to go in...hua hua.

XD I love Rina's expression here LOL!
So yeah... a short mini fantasy world in 10 minutes.
I can't wait to go to Universal Studios in Singapore!!! XD

.To all my Muslim friends, Happy fasting peeps!
Jgn over makan, nanti gumuks~
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