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Ramadhan Bazaar at Asia City

Angeline Tuesday, August 24, 2010 , , , ,
Asia City Ramadhan Bazaar
Location: Opposite Fook Yuen
The Ramadan Bazaar at Asia City is one of the most happening bazaar in town. Last year, we bought plenty of nice food from the bazaar. How can we miss the bazaar this year?

Although it was drizzling, it didn't stopped us or the heavy crowds from visiting the bazaar. Who could resist themselves from good food, right?

Totally spoil by choices and it is all about food. Grilled Fish, Grilled Chicken, Satays, Murtabak, Roti John, local kuihs and pastries, Colourful Drinks, Nasi Lemak, Fried Noodles, Nasi Briyani, the list will just goes on and on...Just by looking at the food, will keep you salivating.
 Why not buka puasa with our local king of fruits "durian"?
Since Durian season is around, some will choose to buka puasa with the king of fruits. Not a bad idea, huh!
Even Grilled Bishop's Nose is available. And for those who were unaware, Bishop's Nose is the chicken ass.
Grilled Chicken Wings and Satays
Malay Kuih
Glutinous Rice with fillings
Malay Home-cooked Dish for take away

Nasi Briyani
Laksa Penang and Cookies
Chicken Rice and Fried Noodles
Grilled Fish and Chicken Wings

Below: Hapenning Stalls

XL Chicken Burger
Very long queue, thought of getting one, give up!
The burger looks like the local version of Zinger Burger!

Zaminah Curry House
People are lining up, waiting for the chicken to cook, pipping hot and fresh meal
Popiah Panas Nylea
Selling like hot cakes...Ooops! Sorry, hot popiah. Extremely long queue
Jack's getting really hungry, bought his favorite murtabak with daging filling from this stall
Murtabak Jawa
He's one hungry men, can't resist anymore
Mmmmm...taste so good, delicious! Ok, keep window shopping for food
Freshly fried noodles
Local Dish
Roasted Chicken Rice
You can tell, which stall food are selling fast!!
 Malay Delicacy
Rice, noodle and dishes for take away
Roti John
Grilled Stingray
Malay Tit Bits or Snack

Keropok Lekor and Soy Milk
Murtabak Jawa
Coconut and Soy Drinks
Grilled Fish
Kuih Terang Bulan and Murtabak
Repeated stalls selling Malay Kuih
Nasi Briyani, last year we tried this, quite nice!
Fried Bread with Sambal, I love this during my school time
Local Kuih Muih
Sugar Cane and Coconut drinks
 Fishball and fishcake
Nasi Dagang
Fried banana, yam and Sweet potato Fritter

Brings back the sweet memory, whenever I balik kampung on CNY, my grandma always bought this for us during breakfast. My kampung is in Perlis, mum side, grandma not here anymore, so no more balik kampung....I remember when we were kids we were so happy
Roti John, Jack favourite
Laksa and Nasi Ayam
Cendul and ABC
Nasi Briyani, everywhere
Fried Meehoon
Colourful Drinks
Karipap and Kuih
Fried Noodles
Nasi Ayam Goreng

Ok, that's for today Asia City Ramadhan bazaar!
It takes hours to upload this photos, no wonder other food blogge just upload a few photos up only, I hope you really enjoy browsing through all this photos!

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Selamat Berbuka Puasa to all my Muslim friends and followers!

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maslight said...

Oh gawd, going to Asia City bazaar around 5pm is insane. I go there occasionally. Had to walk at the side sometimes.

Angeline said...

Mas, so next time I can ask you to tapau for me, haha

syam said...

I MISS ASIA CITY FOOD BAZAAR! bazaar in sec 17 shah alam is so NOT Sedap and so expensive. cant wait to go back on the 6th. yay!

theseitchyhands said...

Went there at 3.30PM today..waah so many stall! Bought a lot of things!

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Peh! Lapar balik sia... wargh... ndak ku tahan ini

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