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Hilton, Heathrow and Four Season Restaurant, Chinatown, LONDON

Angeline Wednesday, August 4, 2010 , , , ,
A trip to Europe, attending my niece graduation at Cardiff. We spend some time in Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. Best time was in London, food and shopping heaven. As an Asian, no matter where we go, we still can't live without Chinese food, we love our rice. But for me, I'm a bread lover, can't live without it, and I love English bread cause of the differrent texture, crunchy outside soft inside, yummy.
Below was the hotel we stay down in London, it cost GBP$128 a night. 
Hilton Heathrow, London
Superior Room
Looking down at the hotel Lobby

Our room
F1 Car Showcase at Hilton Heathrow

Uh Oooh! One of my dream car Maserati Granturismo
Maserati Granturismo

Chinatown, London
Four Season Chinese Restaurant at Chinatown, London
The Menu

Jasmin Tea, Chinese love their tea
Nice sit down dinner with family members
Roasted Duck
Yumm.. the meat was juicy, but the sauce was just so so, still like our Malaysia version more
Roasted Pork
Crunchy pork skin, fat and meat was quite even, not too fat, tasted the 5 spice flavor
Stir-Fried Lo Hon Chai
I like the vegetarian soy meat, full of flavor
Stir-Fried Choy Sum with Garlic
I would be more happy if they can cut the vegie to a smaller pieces, fresh!
Our sumptious lunch cost GBP$40.50

 My favourite Chinese Partries shop in Chinatown
Asian Supermarket in Chinatown
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Hui Eng said...

Angeline, are you still there now? should try roast duck in Pearl [email protected] Paddington Central! best in london, it melts in your mouth! :)

Angeline said...

Wow! Hui Eng, I guess you can be the best food critic. I'm back in KK. Wish everything well for you in UK. See ya in Celebrity Fitness in the coming future, haha! The way we eat, we really need to work it out!

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