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Gaya Sport Seafood Restaurant @ Inanam

Cassie Wednesday, August 4, 2010 , ,
Is good to meet up with friends and have some gathering activities once in a while. It was great to see you guys, Priscilla, Ah Yin and Wah Jie!!

We meet up at Gaya Sport Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Now, I noticed that most of my posts were about seafood. I can't live without seafood...
Steamed Prawns
The best way to eat prawns as I always said. It was sweet, meaty and fresh. 
Baby Lobster favourite dish of the night. The baby lobster tasted much more tastier than prawn. The succulent taste just make you crave for more. Saliva dripping now...haha...
Stir-fry Clams with Ginger and Spring Onion
Fresh seafood will go very well with any style of cooking. The ginger and spring onion taste wasn't very strong, so, the clams taste still remains good.
Sweet and Sour Fish
The Sweet and Sour Fish seems to be a must-have everytime I dine-out. Not sure what's the reason behind it. Anyway, it was good. The crispy fish fillets goes well with sweet and sour sauce. It tasted appetizing.
Tung Fung Lo
The Tung Fung Lo must be eaten plain. It tasted sweet on its own. The texture is a little chewy and springy.
Butter Prawn
Stir-fry Vegetables
Stir-fry Kangkung with Belacan
The total bill for tonight was about RM300.00. Overall, the food was really good and we were satisfied with it.
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