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Supertanker Restaurant

Clarice Sunday, August 29, 2010 , ,
Supertanker Restaurant

It's been a long long while we didn't dine in this restaurant. Missing its food and dishes so much. The boss aka the chef can really cook nice in-house specialty dishes.

Herbal "Kampung" Chicken Soup
Very nourishing and flavourful as the chef has really put in enough herbals and boiled long enough to get this super hydrating soup. Even the chicken itself was already so tender. Yummmm~~~

Kai Lan in 2 styles - stir fried with garlic while the leaves were fried until crispy
Very special, simple yet nice dish. Though only stir fried with garlic, the kai lan was still crispy and sweet. The leaves were crispy like seaweed... :)

Smoked Duck with special Thai sauce in a bed of jellyfish.
The smoked duck was very 'smokey' and full of 'smoke' taste. Special and we all like it. Good to go with the sweet and sourish thai sauce and jellyfish.

Stew Tiger Prawns in Broth
Also thumbssss up!!!~~~~ Love the flavour of the broth in the prawns and the prawn taste in the broth. :) Very good combination. And also I love the meaty feel of the prawns and its super high cholesterol head... :P just too yummy....

Sweet and Sour Pork
Another simple yet thumbs up dish. Pork was fried until crispy and covered in sweet and sour sauce with a mixture of onion, capsicum. Can't have enough of it. :)

Total bill paid: RM70.00 ++
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bryan said...

Great food for a reasonable price! I should go there more often too.

Clarice said...

Yes, they serve GREAT food but in reasonable price. Never got disappointed by their quality and quantity before. :)

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