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Contributed by Bobidom: Grazie Italian Restaurant, Wawasan Plaza

Blog_For_Fun Sunday, August 29, 2010 , , , ,
Grazie Cafe - Ristorante Pizzeria

It has been awhile since i last met my school mate (and friend), Ophelia.
Tho we see each other almost everyday in gym, we haven't really got the chance to actually sit down and talk! XD
Both are just so busy figuring out how to lose the fats in our body haha.

So since there was no family plan on my side, Leena and I decided that we should meet up and catch up.
And we chose Grazie for buka puasa :)

Contributed by Bobidom:

Grazie Cafe is located right outside (corner/beside Tang Dynasty Hotel) Wawasan Plaza building.
The place is very cozy and it's suitable for private functions as well :)

I made and early reservation via phone and was very happy that our table reserved right outside the pizza making room :)
LOOOVE looking at how they make all the pizza.

Look at all the cheese~~~

While waiting for our food, we chatted a LOT.
From school stories, to relationships and each of us squeezed lots of updates from each other ^_^ *must do this more often*
While doing all this, we enjoyed the complimentary bread by Grazie.

That was Leena reading through the menu.
In front of her was Caffe Latte and Phil's orange juice (RM6.80++ if am not mistaken).

Ok~~ now with the main course.

This is Phil's dish.
She ordered Spaghetti Pugliese in Aglio Olio Sauce (RM19.80++).
It came with 3 juicy prawns and fried egg plant.

Leena and Brian however ordered the recommended Lasagna (RM19.80++)

According to her, the taste was delicious, cheesy but light.
Plus, it didn't make you feel fat too fast like any other lasagna. haha.

Next came the famous Ragitoni Carbonara (RM23.80++).

This is BB's dish by the way.
I tasted it, and i LOVED it a LOT!
The *ummph* is just there.
Definitely recommended!

Oh! But knowing how kedekut BB is *muaks muaks muaks*, portion wise, it is too little for him considering the price :P
But i'll still drop by again to try this dish for myself. hehehe.

And now.. my SPECIAL dish!
The Linguine pasta in Arabiatta sauce (special request dish) RM23.80++

I contacted the owner and chef (Salvatore Marcello) personally and asked if he has Trennette pasta in Arabiatta sauce, just like how i liked them in Little Italy restaurant.
According to him, they have Arabiatta sauce but not the pasta.
Well.. sound good to me.
So i changed the pasta to linguine as it has almost the same texture and size of a trenette pasta :)

The verdict?
Each Little Italy and Grazie has their own specialty.
What I like about this dish is that it has more texture in it and more chewy, as the chef put lots of little-little stuff for me to chew on (which i didn't bother to find out *sad =_=*) and I was so busy enjoying it *heh :P*

If you have special dish that you'd like to request (be realistic with your order please), you can drop him a message at 019-8606398 or email the restaurant at [email protected]

Last but not least, the soft and delicious TIRAMISU!!!!! (RM9.80++)

ooooo~~~ hmmmm~~~~
You feeling it don't cha? =P
omg.... this is what i call, perfect!

It tasted almost the same as Bella Italia (this chef was ex-chef in Bella Italia fyi) and provided me the same satisfaction as i had in little italy *sluuuurrrp*!!!!
Sigh~ i just wished the portion would've been bigger.
Next time amma order 2! ...
or 3? :P *hehe*

The taste of Tiramisu still lingering in my mind~~~
The softness...
the creaminess~~~
*knocks head!*
Ok ok... am fasting right now...
Ouummmm~~~ *meditating*

Anyhow~~~ Was great seeing you girls!!! (and the boys too~ :P)
Let's do this again ok?! ^_^

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