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Angie and Angelene Dim Sum Day - Tai Kar Sek @ Sri Petaling

Blog_For_Fun Sunday, August 8, 2010 , , ,
Wake up early on Sunday morning, first thing I thought of is Dim Sum. While my little angel is still asleep, I decided to call my friend up to join me for an early morning Dim Sum at Sri Petaling then I can buy some take away home for Angelene. Good to catch up with friend on Sunday for breakfast then can hit the wet market together. I don't want Angelene wake up later and feel hungry waiting for her breakfast, so I have only an hour out. Fast breakfast with friend to kill my craving and a short stop at market , anyway we are eating out tonight! Our dim sum bill, RM30 for 2 person (9 plates)
Tai Kar Sek Dim Sum or Everyone Eat at Sri Petaling
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Clealiness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 8/08/2010

Steamed Dim Sum was brought to us to choose while we sat down a t the table, yummmy!
Pick and choose your dishes when some one bring the tray over, this is what I call fast food with speedy services and good food
Assorted Dim Sum, Har Kaw and Siu Mai, all time favourite
Steamed Chicken Feet with bean sauce
It asorbed all the bean sauce flavor, I guess is good for our joint, haha
Deep Fried Prawn Roll
Baby Angelene like this one, cause of the crispy, spongy texture
Stir-Fried Raddish Cake
This was my favourite stir-fried radish cake with ther chai bo and taugeh..mmm really nice savoury wok taste
Chee Cheong Fun (Prawn)
Smooth texture rice noodle, goes well with sweet soy sauce, fresh prawn
Longan Pudding
Always good to end with a dessert, smooth as tofu

Baby Angelene and her best friend
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