Restoran RCH @ Karamunsing

We were planning to go to Chicken Rice Singapore Restaurant for lunch today. However, when we reach the shop, the staff told us that the chicken rice was sold out, so we ended up having our lunch at Restoran RCH(or more well known as Rafflesia Chicken Hut).

We ordered a Roasted Chicken Rice Combo Meal(RM6.80) and a Fried Butter Chicken Rice Combo Meal(RM7.80). Honestly, I couldn't find anything outstanding about the chicken rice which was suppose to be their specialty. The rice was bland and the roasted chicken was too dry. The only things that I like the most was the pickles.

Although the Fried Butter Chicken Rice was alright. the tastes get boring really fast. At the first bite, we were delighted as the aroma was really good but that feeling faded with each subsequent bites.


Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Anonymous said…
KK chicken rice, you should the one at bornion corner lot. But mind you, pls go before 1230pm otherwise all might be sold out!!
Maggie said…
RCH used to be very good few years back... the rice is so fragant and delicious.. but unfortunately, due to unknown reason, it had been detoriate since then.. the chicken is so-so only and the rice is bland.... tasteles.. sorry to hear about your experience..
Monica said…
We went to bornion there before but was too early, the food still not yet ready.

Maggie: Actually the food is still better than some of the chicken rice I had tried in KK but just nothing outstanding.

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