Food City @ Kolombong

Although this place we are reviewing today needs to introduction already. Nonetheless, the partners operating this food court has graciously extended their invitation to the team. Of course we were more than happy to oblige as there are a few minor facelift since we last visited this food court.

Located just next to SazaRice warehouse, Food City is a pack with hungry people during the day. And at night is serves as a beacon of light (and food) in the middle of an otherwise dark Kolombong industrial area.
Drink Stall
Chinese Tai Chow Stall 
City Western Food
Joy Fine Taste Corner
Penang Snack Stall
Hui Kee Stall
CS Corner
Luk Luk Stall
Apple Juice with Hammoi and Lemon Blended
These juices are highly recommended. And my personal favorite had to be the Lemon blended. It has a powerful sour taste, that doesn't necessarily knock you out, and after the sourness subside, will keep you coming back for more.
Penang Rojak

This penang rojak is one of the more authentic West Malaysian tasting rojak buah you can get this from Penang Snack Stall, or from the chinese writing literally translated as Penang Hawker. The sauce was amazing while the ground peanuts adds a sandy texture to the soft pineapple and crunchy cucumbers. They serve 4 types of Rojak and they cost RM5, RM6 and RM8. RM5 ones have 2 flavors.
Luk Luk

For the uninitiated, luk luk literally means dipping. So finger food are skewered, so you can dip your food either in boiling water or oil to cook it steamboat style. This one here we had sausage and chicken parts coated in fishcake-styled skin. It comes with mayonnaise as dipping sauce. You can get this at Luk Luk stall.
Lamb Chop

This lamb chop was quite tasty and tender. What's really special about this dish is that the sauce has a hint of peanut fragrance. I'm guessing they use peanut oil to cook their sauce, but then again, it could be a whole different technique that we don't know. This can be ordered from City Western Food stall, There's only one so you can't miss it. This will cost you RM17.00
Asam Laksa Fish

This assam fish here is rather delicious. It was very fragrant and tasty. Assam here means sour, but it doesn't  overpower the taste of curry and fish. At the same time, you can have as many helping and it won't leave a heavy aftertaste. It comes in 3 sizes, with RM10 for the small, RM15 for medium and RM20 for large.
Chinese Rice Wine Chicken

Chinese rice wine chicken (or Wong jiu gai, or Lihing Ayam) is a dish that is not easy to find. So it's a pleasant surprise that its actually easily obtainable here at food city. Taste wise, its not bad. In fact, its a beginner friendly style, so if you can't hold your liquer, fret not, this won't knock you out one bit. But I guess, you can ask the proprietor of the stall to add some 'Kick' if you want to. This will cost you RM8
Curry Mutton

This curry is not in the menu yet. So we were happy to be given a sneak pre-tasting before its officially launched. The curry was very rich and tasty. But not as spicy like those in kedai mamak. The curry, Wong Jiu gai and assam fish can be ordered from CS corner.
Wat Tan Ho

This watan ho is prepared by a cook who has years of experience in one of the 5 star resorts in KK. The proprietor also have won numerous cooking award. Therefore expect nothing less from his cooking. And indeed, this dish is testament to his ability. The watan ho certainly has the wok hei feel (Chinese cooking style involving high heat for fragrance. The ingredients were also fresh. You can get this from Joy Fine Taste corner. And it will cost you RM5 for chicken or beef and RM6 for fish.
Lastly, we had this special chicken rice called, pang-pang chicken rice. Its Taiwan sausage and honey chicken rice topped with sunny side up. The honey chicken has an amazing sweet sauce, poured over deep fried chicken. You can get this for RM5.50 minus the egg at Bak Ku teh corner. 
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