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Soon Cheong and Hui Kee @ Food City, Kolombong

Soon Cheong and Hui Kee @ Food City
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Food reviewed : 12/03/10, 21/03/10, 31/03/10
One of the unknown hawker stall in Food City had actually been introduced by Ah Xian before in his TV show. Very few of us knew about this stall or maybe we just couldn't bother to look for it. We only noticed the stall during our previous visit as we saw a newspaper article about Ah Xian promoting their noodles.
Fried Tuaran Mee RM5
Apart from Tuaran itself, this will be the best Tuaran Mee I had in KK. It was fragrantly good, a little bit wet but not too soggy or oily and had a strong porky flavour. The Tuaran Mee was homemade by the stall's owner.
Fish Head Noodle RM5
The Fish Head Noodle tasted good. The soup was milky but wasn't too creamy. It tasted just nice with the noodle and fried fish head. With an addition lime juice, the soup was appetizing with a little sourish.
Fried Noodle(Wet) RM5
The Fried Noodle was not bad as well. It had the savoury 'wok' flavour and the gravy goes well with the noodle. It comes with fresh prawns, Char Siu, pork and pork rolls.
We also bought some take-away from Hui Kee's stall. The Char Koay Teow tasted good too, we had a few bites then take home cause too full already.
I ordered the Char Koay Teow with prawns and cockles only without the Lap Cheong (Chinese sausages).
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Anonymous said...

hi monica,u shud try hui kee's fried hindu mee and also his fried mihun =]

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