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Macau Trip and Zhu Hai Trip (First Trip) - Day 6

Cassie Tuesday, April 13, 2010 , , ,
Since we were staying overnight at Zhu Hai. We can try the breakfast at Jin Yue Xuan Restaurant. I heard that they serves very good Dim Sum.

Sorry that I couldn't provide any information on the pricing. It was all paid by my sister and bro-in-law but they did told us that the food at Zhu Hai are 30% much more cheaper than Macau.
Jin Yue Xuan Restaurant,
1-3 Floor B
265 Ri Hua Commercial Square,
Lover's Lane South,
Gong Bei, Zhuhai,

Cuisine: Cantonese Food
Crystal Dumpling
The Crystal Dumpling looked really cute. The transparent skin was soft and a little chewy. Fresh prawns and some vegetables was used as filling. Tasty!
Crystal Dumpling with Chinese Chives
These dumplings was more flavourful as Chinese Chives was added to the mixture of minced pork and prawn.
Har Gao
Yummy! Fresh prawns wrapped in transparent skin. The prawns was juicy and sweet.
Some local pastries
Siu Mai
Cheung Fun with Prawn
Flat rice noodle wrapped with fresh prawns and poured with light soy sauce. It was really delicious.
Lion Head Ball
Cantonese Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Love it)
Glutinous Rice Dumpling
After a scrumptious meal, we went for foot reflexology. Had a very relaxing foot massage followed by a refreshing drink.
Today is actually the last day of my trip. My sis and bro-in-law brought us to the Prairie Lamb House for the famous steamboat.
Prairie Lamb House is famous with the spicy steamboat (Ma Lat For Wor) and their lamb meats.
Grilled Lamb
Marinated with spices, the lamb tasted very good. Exotic flavour. The meat was tender and still juicy.
Different parts of lamb meats
Fresh lamb meat which had been thinly sliced
Spicy Soup and Corn Soup
I like both of the soups, spicy and non-spicy. The lamb meats cooked in the spicy soup will taste more flavourful and create more excitement while the non-spicy soup could bring out more original flavour of the meat.
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