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Macau Trip and Zhu Hai(First Trip) - Day 5

Cassie Saturday, April 10, 2010 , , , ,
Where to eat the best Dim Sum in Macau? Actually, I'm not so sure about it but Kwun Hoi Heen is ranked among the best in Macau by both locals and visitors. On the fifth day of my trip, we went to Kwun Hoi Heen for breakfast.

Kwun Hoi Heen Restaurant
Address : 3/F, The Westin Resort, 1918 Estrada de Hac Sa, Coloane Island, Macau
Opening Hours : Monday to Friday 11:00 - 15:00  and 18:30 - 23:00; Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays Yum Cha / Lunch 09:30 - 16:00 and Dinner 18:30 - 23:00

Price: HKD 38 - HKD55 per basket/ dish
Steamed Dumpling
Each of the Dim Sum variety has a very unique taste. The Steamed Dumpling's filling was soupy and it contained assorted of vegetables and seafood. Yummy!!
Jellyfish and Seaweed
It is actually an appetizer dish. A very refreshing dish and I really like biting through the jellyfish and seaweed. The textures was springy and QQ.
Fried Spring Roll
The Fried Spring Roll used prawn as fillings. The prawns was fresh and the spring roll was fried till very crispy but not greasy. Dipped with mayonnaise, the spring roll will taste more appetizing.
Siu Mai
As I mentioned before, this is something that I can't live without when having Dim Sum.
Fried Hor Fun
The Fried Hor Fun was a staple food for us. The price of the Dim Sum at Macau and HK are expensive, so, we will always order some staple food to fill-up our stomachs.
Pan-Fried Bun
The Pan-Fried Bun was really good. The bun was soft and fluffy with a little crunchy while the filling was juicy and the flavour was nice.
Mango Dessert
There is always a room for dessert. The Mango dessert was refreshingly good. Not too sweet but strong mango taste.
Mom and I went out for some window shopping and walked around the city of Macau after our breakfast.
By looking at the classic buildings around Macau, every single little problem in my life suddenly became as tiny as an ant in the earth. Everything seems to be so fine. My mood was suddenly brighten up by the beautiful scenery.
Later in the afternoon, we went to Zhu Hai again. Wandering around Zhu Hai before going to Jin Yue Xuan.

Jin Yue Xuan Restaurant,
1-3 Floor B
265 Ri Hua Commercial Square,
Lover's Lane South,
Gong Bei, Zhuhai,

Cuisine: Cantonese Food
Golden Char Siu Bun
By looking at the appearance of the bun itself, I'm salivating. It was fragrantly good. Soft bun with juicy Char Siu as filling. Heavenly good!
Polo Bun
The Polo Bun had a strong butter's aroma. The top part of the bun was crispy and middle part was soft. The taste was a little bit sweet.
Eight treasure rice
The Eight Treasure Rice was not only colourful but very healthy. It comes with mixed grains, nuts and vegetables. Light flavour but nice.
Shell meats and vegetables
The shell meats was well-cooked as it had absorbed the gravy. A good dish to go with rice.
Stir-fried vegetables (above), Black fungus cooked with celery (below)
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