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Dinner at Paul and Shirley house

Angeline Sunday, April 25, 2010 ,
 Payau Curry
We were invited by Paul and Shirley to have dinner at their house tonight. Their friend, Edwin, is going to cook the Payau for the dinner. Fyi, Payau is the deer's meat. Without proper cooking, the wild deer's meat taste will occurs and the dish will not be tasted good.

Edwin is a good cook. The deer's meat was tender without the wild deer's meat taste. The curry was fragrantly good with spices flavour.
We had the Payau Curry with Roti Canai. A good match isn't it? The Roti Canai absorbed the curry's gravy and tasted flavourful.
Then, we had plenty of organic vegetables. One of the vegetables dish was the steamed Brinjal. Eaten plain, it tasted a little bit sweet on its own but it also goes well with the curry's gravy.
The Kangkung was planted by Shirley. It was cooked with the special sauce she bought from Taiwan. Tasted very good.
I personally love the Cucumber Pickles. It was Paul's father recipe. Tasted very refreshing. The cucumber was still crispy and juicy with a little sourish.
Fresh Pineapple
We enjoyed our dinner so much. Thanks Paul and Shirley for the great dinner!! Best Blogger Tips


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