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Kajang Food Hunting Day, KL

Restoran Kajang Spicy Soup "Lat Tong Zhi Ga"
Sungai Chua, Kajang, Selangor
Plaza Indah 1, Taman Sepakat Indah
Sungai Chua, 43000 Kajang
Tel: 03-8738 4134
Hp: 017-655 2222

Specialties Lat Tang
Food Lat Tang, claypot chicken cooked with Chinese wine (‘fa tiu jau’ in Cantonese), & claypot ‘three-layer pork’ with salted fish (‘ham yu fa lam pou’ in Cantonese)

Price: Lat Tang (RM7.50/person), Claypot Chicken in Wine (RM7.50/person), Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves (RM6), Spicy Soup (RM8.00/head), Claypot Chicken cooked in Chinese Wine (RM8.00/head), Kee V’s Deep Fried Red Talapia (RM19.00), Claypot Spicy Squid (RM9.00/head)

"Lat Tong" originated from Semenyih and spread to Kajang and after that it became popular. Lat Tong is Kajang popular dish. The chef is called uncle Tony, he can speaks English many Chinese dialects. He has been operated this shop for around 9 years. When the dishes come, everyone just can't stop eating and knodding their head,  agreeing and commented that it tasted very good.

Good to go with Chinese tea
Claypot Spicy Squid Soup
Claypot Pork Leg Ginger Vinegar
Hua Tioa Wine Chicken
Mixed Pork Spicy Soup
Can't live without rice
Yau Mak with oyster sauce
Yumm...everyone enjoy it, even the kids love ittruly satisfying meal

Since we are in Kajang, gonna try the famous Kajang Satay, although I think we're all so fulled right now, maybe just one or two stick for each person, since we drove so far not worth leaving without trying something good!

Restoran Malaysia (Nyok Lan Kajang Satay)
31 Jalan Semenyih, Kajang, Selangor
Tel: 03 8733 1160
Business Hour: Daily 10am till 11pm, Closed on Tuesday

Cuisine: Malay
Ambience Noisy

Food:  Beef Satay, Chicken Satay, Ketupat, chicken, mutton, fish and beef satay
Price Satay (RM 0.60 per stick)
Chicken and beef satay is 60cent per stick.
Mutton and fish cost 90cent per stick
Duck satay is RM1.10 per stick

They are 2 famous in Kajang which is Satay Kajang Hj Samuri and Satay Kajang Nyok Lan @ Restoran Malaysia. Most of the people prefer Nyok Lan Satay Kajang as they have variety of satay meat.
Peanut sauce is mixed with a patch of sambal to create a sweet and spicy taste, they are generous with their peanut sauce, you can request as much as you want.
 10 sticks of mouth watering Chicken Satays, RM6.00
We are still very full, just gotta try this satay bfore we hit home, so everyone just ate 1 stick, thumbs up!

There goes our food hunting day out in Kajang, heading home to hit the sack for a nap before we go for dinner!
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