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Food Hunting Day Out, KL

Taking a few day leave, so got a bit of free time, where to? Food hunting day out. My first stop was to this MTK Kopitiam at Old Klang Rd. area, meeting up with my friends. Well, morning meal, everyone one want to eat something different, so kopitiam was the best choice, you can just choose which hawker stall you wanna order your food from. I'm craving for dim sum, so just going for the dim sum stall and order my food.

Fried Yam Fritter with Char Siu filling, RM2.40
Chrunchy layer and saucy filling
Fish Mai, RM2.40
Can taste the wolfberry broth, nice fish paste
Steamed Pork Rib, RM2.80
Pork flavor was alright, meat tender and not fat
Fishball, RM2.20
Light and fresh fish paste
Steamed Chicken Claws, RM2.80
Ahh..dim sum will never be complete for me if I didn't order this, I like this the most, the meat just came off easily and the sauce is done well
Tofu Stuff with fish paste, RM2.40
Hmmm nothing special, big portion, quite filling
Char Siu Cheong Fun, RM3.50
Soft and smooth cheong fun, soy sauce done right and goes very well with the shrimp chili paste
Dim Sum, under RM20
Prawn Mee, RM4.50
My friend had this for breakfast, soup was good sweet and clear, prawn are fresh
Nasi Lemak, RM1.20
The sambal was nice, but the rice not so fragrant, not much coconut milk
Our favorite, Teh Ping and Teh Lemon Ping, RM2.60
After breakfast we make a move to MidValley Megamall to window shop, had to go early while there're still parking available and to avoid the weekend parking traffic. 
We walk for few hours, our leg was extremely sore, so we had to decide a place to have our lunch, Anne want to have Xioa Long Bao, so I suggested Din Tai Fung, lucky we manged to find a table, it was so crowded at lunch time.
Din tai Fung Special Appertizer, Rm3.80 and Taiwan Century Egg, RM3.80
A combination of chili, seaweed, vermicelli, beansprout with sourish taste. The Taiwan century egg yolk just melts in the mouth! It is smooth and creamy.
The Xiao long bao (RM11 for 5 pieces) tasted good and the skin texture was just right but not enough broth in them. The minced meat was done nicely and was tender to bite.
Dan Dan La Mien, RM10.80
Don't really get used to the taste, but is good to try
Glass Noodle Soup with Beancurd, Rm12.80
Really healthy meal

Anne said this restaurant serve good dishes, recommended us to try it out. We let Anne do the order as she's quite regular here.
True enough the food here, all tasted good, not too over flavor and just done right, price also seem reasonable.
Stir-Fried Egg, RM10
Stir-Fried Char Siu with soy sauce, RM16
Steamed Chicken in Superior Broth, RM30
Chicken Soup, RM12
Braised Beancurd, RM12
Steamed Tilapia Teo Chew Style, RM28
Fruits, compliment
Our final stop for supper, it looks interesting and pack with crowd. Goes where the crowd are, you'll never go wrong. Only good food bring crowds.
After we tasted our Bak Kut Teh meal for supper, we bought some of this pre pack BKT herbs home, so we can make our own BKT whenever we want
We order every parts of Pork for our Bak Kut Teh
Our Supper Bill, RM70++
Romaine Lettuce with Oyster Sauce
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