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Yuvone - Bangkok trip - Day 3, Safari World and Pratunam Night Market

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Safari World, Bangkok
Located in Min Buri, just north of Bangkok, Safari World is an 800,000 square metre complex comprising a Safari Park and a Marine Park. The drive-though Safari Park is inhabited by a range of African and Asian animals living in a natural habitat on show to visitors. The Marine Park offers visitors regular dolphin and seal performances that are extremely entertaining for children. This is an all day event – it’s out of Bangkok so however you decide to get there, it’s going to take you a while. There’s also a lot for children to see and do so don’t expect to get off lightly – the kids will drag you round this place all day!

Details: Safari World is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. Admission for an adult is 700 Baht and 450 Baht for a child.

How to get there: Given the distance involved, and that fact that you are probably taking a child, a taxi is recommended. Although expensive, the savings in convenience entirely outweigh the cost.
However, if you are adamant, a number 26 bus from Victory Monument will take you to Kilometre 9 of Ram Indra Road. From there you can take a mini-bus service to Safari World.

Safari World
99 Ram Inthra 1 Road
Kilometer 9, Minburi District
Bangkok, 10510 Thailand
Tel: 0-2914-4100-19; 0-2518-1000-19
Email: [email protected]

Safari World boasts both Asia's largest open-air zoo and whale-and-dolphin show. Children will find the Safari World to be a fun and exciting place as it offers many animal shows. Orangutans, birds, sea lions, and elephants also perform tricks. Central to Safari World is a slow car cruise through Savanna populated by lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros, zebras, cheetahs, and ostriches. Safari World is located on Ramintra Road, Km.9, Min Buri, Bangkok
Safari world was a nice place to visit! We bought our tour packages from the travel agents, a day ealie, it was onlr 1500baht/RM150 per person for everything (inclusive of buffet lunch and transportation to Safari World). We depart from hotel at 8am and reached Safari World around 9am. It was so fun with so many intersting show to watch at the Safari World, show started from morning till evening and each show was around 45mins. First we watch dolphin show then orang utan show, elephant show, bird show, sea lion show, etc. but we had missed out cowboy show due the show was going on at the same time with elephant show. It was an unforgettable experienced and full of excitement with all the world class performances and there was a touching moment as well. Very impressive! Awesome day!
Pepsi 65baht/RM6.5, from a bottle Pepsi to a reusable plastic cup with printed Safari picture, it was only half bottle of pepsi the other rest was ice to fill up the cup, it was quite expensive though! But I like it a lot cause the taste was completely differrent from the can Pepsi.
Don't I look cute!
Time for lunch
We had our lunch at Safari World which is included in our package. Buffet style lunch, nothing special about the food!
We left Safari World around 6pm, after all the show ended. Making a move back to the hotel to take shower and rest!
We make a move to Night Market at about 8pm to have street food as our dinner
Our 1st stop was at the mango salad stall, really nice and cheap, only  cost 35baht/RM3.50). Then we stop by the next stall to have Tom Yum Gung follow by the coconut sweet corn 1.5baht/RM1.50 per packet (1pcs sweet corn + coconut slice + sprinkle sugar). Wow! Really cheap and good street food!
BBQ Prawn
We love the street food in Bangkok, cheap and delicious. We were planning to buy take away and bring it back to the hotel but we finished all our before we even reach the hotel, we just can't stop eating because it's too yummy. We also stop by 7-Eleven to buy some drinks, to our suprise food and drinks in 7-Eleven are so cheap, bottle drink only cost 10Baht/RM1. We brought all the bottles home as a souveniar.
Time to go backk to the hotel..Zzzzz
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