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Contributed by Bobidom; My trip to Taiwan 2010

Blog_For_Fun Monday, April 12, 2010 ,


Haven't been blogging much!
Been (not bz.. mind you) travelling a lot and am sooo loving it! XD
There's so much to tell but as usual.. when I'm lagging behind...
everything will be kept short and sweet :P *cross fingers*


You know bout the yukata i bought from Japan before?
Yeah.. finally got to use it during the UMS Japanese Cultural Night.
If it wasn't for that event... the yukata will just be in the closet growing mushroom heh =P

Contributed by:

For thos who didn't know, I was at UMS few weeks ago as part of the Boutique Cupcakes
team :)
We were offered a booth there and decided to make creative cupcakes consists of lots of edible icing image of animes, Hello Kitty Fondant cupcake and Sushi fondant cupcake :)
And guess what?

We sold out even before the event ended.. ;)

and we're so so grateful for all the cupcake fans who came and supported us.
KK isn't that bad for cupcake market after all :)


Went to Taiwan few days after the event...
It was a trip to search for more baking/cupcake supplies and

it kinda like a study trip for us to find more inspiration.
We would love to go to Hong Kong and other parts of the world...
But since Mei's family going there... let's just start with Taiwan first.. shall we? :P

Now this is me EARLY morning in the plane.
Brought along CUPIDO with me *ngeeeee =D
Was a bit sad that time coz i received a very last minute news that BB had to go outstation to Tawau for A MONTH!

But fast forward to the present time...
He doesn't have to go to TAWAU at all!!
His boss changed his mind suddenly..
and am all happy go lucky now! XD

Anyways back to Taiwan..
We arrived about 9am in the morning.
There was already 2 cars waiting for us outside the airport and we were brought to our Hotel call San Want Hotel.
I first heard it 'Sawan' Hotel XD

Taiwan to me is like... Hong Kong?
*But Hong Kong better of course :)*
At least the buildings are pretty much similar.. modern and sophisticated...

Some of the condominium and areas looked like Perth Australia..
Some other areas had a hint of Taiwanese architectural design here and there :)

I don't fancy much on its architectural.
I'm more to it's fooooooood~~
Food comes first before shopping...
At least for me :)

Food wise...
As you might have known.. I cant eat pork... nor do i drink.
But in search of Halal food is very hard here..
And i cant be choosy or demanding when I've been treated with so much hospitality.. :)
So i just tag along wherever Mei's mom brought us all.

Do note that all of them, i.e. Mei's mom including my Boutique Cupcake ladies were very considerate..
Any food which contained pork meat will be separated.
They really took care of me and my food in Taipei.
I was so blessed to have them around :)

One of the first restaurant we went to is the Din Tai Fung Dim Sum restaurant.

The Dim Sum was great!!
The skin was soft.. and have a hot watery filling inside.
Kinda like soft boobs.. HAHAHAHAHA! *go figure*

While others tried non-halal menu.. I tried the chicken noodle soup instead.

It may look normal here in the picture...
but if you taste the noodle.. ESPECIALLY the texture...
it's beyond my expectation..
totally different from KK/KL.
Malaysia do have these kind of noodle.. but you gotta really spot the right whereabout tho ;)

Anyways, after having Dim Sum for our breakfast,
we went on to in search for our baking supplies and also for some Taiwan dessert hunting.

First stop for Boutique Cupcakes team was the Ginjer Cupcake shop.

According to our initial research, this cupcake is soooo famous that people actually lined up till outside of the cafe.
Hence, we got curious and decided to try it out.

Verdict is..
The base was really yummy.
Pure vanilla butter cake texture and taste home made.
BUT (yes,... there's always a but)
We don't fancy the cream.
It's too buttery for our liking.
But we like the chocolate flavour though :)

After visiting Ginjer, we went on to WG Bon Bon cake house.
The place was awesome... so much like what we wanted to do for Boutique Cupcakes shop!
The food presentation was beautifully done as well...
BUT (yes.. but again)
it was all about presentation only...
The food wasn't that great.. seriously..

Of to another cake house famous for it's Tiramisu cake :)
And what was it called peeps?

Yes.. the name IS Tiramisu.

We bought 5 slices of cakes all together and shared among us.
Every single one of them was DELICIOUS!
You MUST go to Tiramisu if you go to Taipei ;)

Last but not least...
For a none cakey dessert..
The driver brought us to a very famous shaved ice outlet in Taipei :)
And how do we know it's famous?
Look at the line... ON WEEKDAYS!

The Mango Avalanche was SOOOO good and creamy OMG!!!
All of us had our own Mango-asm in every slurp XD

For our first night dinner, Aunty brought us to eat the famous spicy steamboat..
It was called... Ma La(?) which literally means spicy and numb.

Jet wanted to dip the pork.
I told him to go ahead and dip it if he insisted and really wanted to eat it..
But Jet was a gentleman..
He waited for me to finish eating and feel stuffed before throwing all the pork inside the steamboat. LOL!
Gosh... I feel so bad ><"

On day 2, aunty brought us to another famous breakfast place which served 'Crazy Noodle'
I can't remember the translation in Chinese...
But what i remember is the super delicious taste of the noodle and the cold seaweed!

Monica was right...
What made their noodle/bread different from us is the type of flour their using in making them :)

For day 2 dessert hunting,
we proceeded to one of Taipei's famous themed cafe..

When you go into these type of cafe..
I would sometimes think 'wow... nice deco.. but the food must be expensive and sucks'
But I was wrong!
The food was actually good... the presentation was so captivating!!!
Except the expensive part :P

My Tiramisu Hello Kitty was damn nice as well.

Just like the Tiramisu cake in Tiramisu cafe we went the day before.
When you're in KK and the only three place served nice Tiramisu were Little Italy, Bella Italia and Grazie...
In Taiwan..
Almost every Tiramisu there taste awesome!
Oh!!! I'm drooling now~~~

To rest our poor little stomach...
we decided to walk around Xi Men Ding for a short shopping.
I can't believe i shopped a lot here when I berikrar-ed to myself i'd left extra money to convert back to Ringgit Malaysia at the end of the trip! @[email protected]
Sigh~~ this rule never stand strong right until now.
hahahaha! XD

In the evening,
we decided to experience the lifestyle here by taking the MRT to Shilin Market.

Instead of using normal MRT card,
in Taipei, they use token.
Macam game! XD

At Shilin, the first thing we saw was the loooooooooooooooooooong line at the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken booth.
From there, your curiosity will definitely tell you to line up as well.
Monkey see, monkey do.

Overall, i like the large chicken chop.
It was SO LARGE, i kept wondering why i haven't reached the end of it @[email protected]

Again, to burn off more calories, we shopped around Shilin night market for candies and marshmellow for the cupcake business and more clothes, shoes and bags XD

For dessert, we walked some more to another themed cafe called the Modern Toilet Cafe.

I'm pretty sure some of you received lots of forwarded emails regarding creative themed cafe..
and this cafe was one of it.

The cafe was small and simple..
But the menu was creative.
We were supposed to order the shit ice cream, but we accidentally got it wrong.
The one arrived before us was another shaved ice in
chocolate flavour :( and it was served in a toilet squat bowl XD

For drinks, we ordered orange juice (?)
And it was served in a man's pee bowl XD

Another drink was served in and old man's pee container XD


The portion was big @[email protected]
So we flatten the shaved ice..
NOW it looks like crap...


On Day 3,
Our Vacation-mummy brought us to this shop (cant recall the name) to eat ANYTHING that belongs to a cow.

They have cow brain, liver, the thing inside the cows bone (sum-sum tulang?), cow intestine... EVEN COW'S PENIS!!!!
Only Mei and Angeline dared to eat it.
I didn't. Brrrr :S

For last day of shopping,
we took a taxi to Taipei 101.

I didnt buy much since my money was running dry..
so we just window shopped.. eat (what else is new) and pick up few souvenir for the family at home :)

We also walked across to New York New York where they sell US original brand and cheaper price.
But unfortunately, I didn't found anything that i like there.
Probably one of the reasons was my available cash in hand :)

When we got thirsty, we stopped by to one cafe called Elite Concept.

I love the theme colour..
Blue and brown.. and some with europian style..
Very chic yet sophisticated.

This is what i had...

Green tea macha..
Gourmet chocolates and cakes..
and fruits...

Mei ordered vegetarian pie.

After Taipei 101,
we took a cab and proceeded to SOGO mall while waiting for our dinner time.
I bought a pair of jeans with butterfly bontot kilat design and i LOVED it!
My Levi's bontot kilat jeans finally has a new friend now XD

Soweee~ no picture XD

For last dinner in Taipei, Aunty brought us to this place to eat seafood.

We had sashimi (salmon, tuna, raw octopus and prawns), duck liver, duck intestine, crab and... CHICKEN TESTICALS!!!! ><"

They urged me to try them...
but but...
It's not that I cant eat it religiously..
It's just because it's a ball!!!!

Look at my face...

This is a tipu face ok.
I was forced to smile XD
"Eat it! Eaaaat!! It's ok one... taste like tofuuuuu"
"Tofu my foot..><" Dun wannnnn"

in the end i ate it anyways =__________="


taste like what you asked?


It tasted chewy... but with a soft tofuu texture..

EUUUUU*****!!! *faints*



So yup!

That concludes my 4 days and 3 nights trip to Taiwan.. :)

I must say a big thank you to Mei... especially her mom for the trip.
Her mom was awesome.
She brought us all to many places with delicious food...
paid a driver to bring us for shopping...
put us at a hotel where more shopping is accessible..

THANKS AUNTY!!! I *heart* you guys!

Next trip? Let's go to Hong kong again!!! XD
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