Texas Grill Restaurant & Bar @ Segama Complex, KK

Ever wished that there were more steakhouse in KK? Fancy enjoying a nice char-grilled Lamb steak while enjoying a tall glass of cold German Beer? Add that to a pricing that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. Think its impossible? Well think again. Shedding its old skin and back with a revamped new menu, we present to you, Texas Grill Restaurant & Bar

Texas Grill Restaurant & Bar 
Lot 8, Block D, Segama Complex,
Jalan Labuk, Kota Kinabalu,
88000 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel:088-261 026
Business hours:
Mon - Thurs & Sun: 4.00pm -1.00am/
Fri - Sat & Public Holiday: 4.00pm - 2.00am
Facebook: Texas Grill Restaurant & Bar
Everydayfoodilove.co - Angeline, Monica and Jack with Vincent Wang (Yottacity.com) and Jian Ping (Ahbing.com)
Everydayfoodilove.co - Angeline, Monica and Jack (Photographed by Yottacity.com)
Yes, we know. Instead of the Ooohs and aahs, a different sort of greeting ensues to the name Texas Restaurant and Bar, and a positive tone it is usually not. We last came here about a year ago, and did mentioned that their menu have improved and is worth visiting. However, some stigmas are hard to shake off. This restaurant is more often (and rather unfairly) been compared with its thriving neighbor, namely UpperStar. However, from our visit to Texas Grill Restaurant and Bar, they have totally revamped their menu to give it a new image.
Our visit here is a result of a kind invitation from our host of the evening, Ms. Shin. We were kept in the dark of our impending menu up to the last minute, and of course with its reputation preceding itself, we (rather shamelessly) kept our expectation to the minimum. Even the new look, glossy menu couldn't convince us otherwise.
With the mocktails greeting thirsty bloggers including from your's truly, Yottacity, as well as Ah Bing.com, our hearts (and tastebuds) were soften a little bit. This was due to the obvious effort put up by the bartender to create such visually appealing and delicious drinks.
From left to right, we had Minty Lime Mojitos, Bloody shy, Tangy Sunrise, and Texas Cosmopolitant, the last one is also Tangy sunrise. Each drinks burst with flavours and cost RM8.90
Minty Lime Mojitos
Texas Cosmopolitant
Bloody shy
Tangy Sunrise
A customary wild mushroom soup with toasted garlic bread greeted us. Visually, it seemed out of place. This is not necessarily bad, as the soup is actually on par with a proper western cuisine restaurant, it even have a great taste and texture to boot, despite it being a tad salty. This soup only cost RM5.80
The following dishes that came made our knees weak, our mouth salivating and our eyes teary. The following pictures will quell whatever misconceptions you have about this restaurant, bar and grill.
We'll start one by one, first up, we have the Char-grilled sirloin steak.
Not only was this steak a sight to behold, it is so tender that it cuts through effortlessly. Flavor-wise, at initial bite, it was really delicious, however, we would have preferred if the seasoning was kept to a minimum, so that the flavor of the beef roam freely in our tongue. This fine steak will cost you RM48.80
Sauces: BBQ, Mushroom, Black Pepper....
Grilled Corn - came with every main dish
Next up, we had the Texas tiger prawns. 
The flesh from this crustaceans was sweet and firm, indicating fresh ingredients. The reason for this is a no-brainer, given its proximity to the seafood market. The accompanying sauce was special and has a distinct flavor which it derides from dill. This seafood will cost you RM45.80
One of our favorite dish came next - BBQ Beef ribs. 
The sight draws memory from Tony Roma's ribs, and comparisons naturally flew across the room. At this point, we knew that Texas Grill restaurant & Bar has certainly departed from its "competitor" next door, to a whole different level. It does tend to happen when the name Tony Roma comes into play. The meat was tender albeit a tad dry. It had a nice sweet, savory and sour taste, with just a hint of spice to give it a local taste. We foresee this dish as a hit with the customers. And at only RM23.80, this is a steal. 
This next dish could also be a hit with KKians. Char-grilled wagyu steak. 
If the name doesn't make you think twice about coming here, then I don't know what will. The sheer portion and visual appeal even serves to remind us more, that this is not the old Texas restaurant we know. Again, the beef was sweet and tender, but, like the sirloin steak, the seasoning does overwhelm the steak a little bit. We would have preferred the smell and flavor be left in its entirety. Fret not, the dexterous chef was already made known of our qualms and effort are underway to fine-tune its flavor. At RM48.80, its a fair price considering its luxurious appeal. We would also like to add its nearly impossible (if at all) to find this dish at this price.
If justice was not properly served to the previous to steaks, then this next dish came almost flawless. Good execution came in the form of taste and visual appeal. Char-grilled Lamb steak is the name to remember.
If you're adverse to the gamey taste to lamb, then fear not, just the right amount of spices and flavors were applied, coupled with excellent grilling techniques make this dish a mistake to miss. Its sheer size is impressive coupled with its beautiful criss-cross dark ridges, makes this no less an art piece. At only RM23.80, its a must have.
Alert burger lovers, restaurant outlets have heed your call, and Texas grill restaurant & bar have joined in the bandwagon to serve irresistible burger. 
Stacked almost higher than a length of a palm, the contents in between buns are thick home made beef patties, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cucumbers and egg. Served with a salad and generous portion of fries and priced at only RM13.80. This burger as officially dethroned the king just 2 blocks down. 
To top off the evening, our kind hostess whipped up some fine ice creams. Namely Strawberry Flip, Fruity Treasure Box and Chocolate Sensation. Each came with its own distinct garnishing according to its namesake. A fine dessert after a hearty steak this. Each ice cream costs only RM6.80 
Fruity Treasure Box
Chocolate Sensation
Strawberry Flip
All in all the food was really excellent. From the pictures you see, it is clear the the chefs preparing the steaks are really skillful at their trade. If the criss cross dark ridges aren't impressive enough, then the cross section of the steaks should. We particularly loved how all the steaks were dark red on the inside, with only the crust crispy grilled. One has to acquire years of experience to accomplish such feat. All these can be had at Texas Grill restaurant & bar, what's best, your pocket won't be burnt (with a hole) from the grill.
Shot with Nikon D7000 
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