Borneo Treasure Restaurant at 88 market place is a newly opened branch of the well-knowned Borneo Wild Treasure Restaurant in Bundusan. They serve all sorts of DIM SUMs. The restaurant, however, is a Non-halal Chinese's restaurant.   

Borneo Treasure Restaurant
Location: 88 Market Place, Next to a pharmacy
Expect good clearliness and service when dining in. The restaurant area is easy to find parking too.

By looking at the crowds patronizing the restaurant, needless to say, the food is good and the prices are really fair.
烧卖(Shao Mai) 。。RM3.20
腐竹虾卷 (Fu Zhu Xia Juan) Prawn Roll。。RM3.20
排骨(Pai Gu) Steamed Pork Rib。。RM3.20
皮蛋卖 (Pi Dan Mai) Century Egg Dumpling。。RM 3.20
Watan Ginger Onion Prawn Noodle RM9.00
滑蛋姜葱香低米粉虾。。watan ginger onion prawn noodle....the name is too long HAHA i hope i say it right!... This dish is not always available., but you can request for it. I love the taste of the ginger and onion.. Superb! 
流沙包。。(Custard Bun) RM5.20 
the aftermath!!! this photo shows everything about the dish :)
 total disaster :P oooops 
burrrrrrrrrrrrp.... thank you pls come again :p

Shot with Panasonic GF2
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