Food City (Day Time) @ Kolombong

Loyal readers, get ready for tons of action as we tackle our biggest yet food review in KK. Once again, Mr. Law of Food City resumes his role as gracious host, ensuring continuous stream of food flowing onto our huge table. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes photos that follow, and after that, you may want to rush on to Food City.

Lot 4 and Lot 9, Jalan Kilang, 
Kolombong, 88450 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 088-386517/ 013-8601428 (Managing Director: Mr.Law)'s Team with Mr.Law
You may remember our food review couple of weeks ago on Food City and its night time food offerings. And you may ask, why are we here for seconds. Well, not many know this, (including your's trully), but Food City have different stalls catering for day time crowd. So, this time around, we just had to come back again to sample feast on an exciting array of menu that can only be had during the day time.
Here we would also like to give a shout out to Mr. Law, for his energetic mood when welcoming the team to his humble yet, bustling Food City, a food court located just next to Sazarice. Getting there should not be a problem for locals, but outstation readers can refer to the above address. 

Soto Stall
Noodles Stall
Asam Laksa/ Rojak Stall

Yong Tau Foo/ Fried Chicken Stall
Pick your own....
Roasted Meat Noodles/ Rice Stall
Stir-fried Noodle and Rice Stall

Chinese Tai Chow Stall
Dumpling and Noodle Stall

Highly Recommended: Kampung Fried Rice, Butter Fried Rice, Hakka Style Pork Knuckle and etc.

Penang Rojak, RM5.00
Refreshing, flavorful, light and tasty...try it out youself.

Fried Chicken (Whole Thigh) with Fried Rice RM7.50
The chicken rice that you see here is an illusive one for us. It is prepared by the master cook you see above. The team have actually long heard about the presence of one Deepfried Chicken rice that is so fragrant, it could only result from Corporate espionage at KFC. Alas, the proprietor only opens during the day, and since we only visit Food City during the night, we dismissed the presence of such a delicious meal as an urban legend. But then here it is, presented before us, and with great expectation we dug in..and true enough, it has the texture and taste that is a worthy match for KFC's OR Chicken.
It is crunchy on the outside, yet still juicy on the inside. It comes in either white rice, chicken rice, or fried rice. so you are spoilt for choices.

Kuey Teow Soup, RM5.50

Next, we had koay tiao soup, the soup has a light taste and did not overwhelm the meat, fishball and fish cake. The broth was also painstakingly prepared with bones and cooked over long hours to give the dish some character.
Yong Tau Foo (Min 3 pieces) Kon Lau Mee RM4.30, Add-on Yong Tau Foo RM0.60 per piece, Laksa Gravy (L) RM1.00

The Yong Tau Foo comes with kon lau egg noodles. Although the Yong Tau Foo itself is pretty average, it is the curry broth that is quite nice, it has a rich body derided from the coconut milk and yet not too spicy.

The winner for this dish has got to be the egg noodles. It was springy and firm, and the marinade for the noodles is so fragrant that you can (almost) forget that rest of the dishes.
Kon Lau Mee
Indian Style Fried Noodle RM5.50
The noodles here has a very distinct taste that closely resembles West Malaysian recipe. For those who have not the pleasure of consuming this before, it has to have a very faint yet commanding taste of tomatoes. Be it either pureed or bite-sized chopped tomotoes.
Roasted Pork And BBQ Pork Soup Noodle RM6.00

This flat noodles in this dish was cooked just right to give it a firm texture. The broth was very fragrant and very tasty, while the meat was also good. 
Roasted Chicken Rice RM5.00

The chicken rice is executed well with its juicy meat, and special sweet and savory sauce, the appearance of yellow rice also makes it stand out from others. The color comes from having it lightly buttered, just enough to make it fragrant.
Singapore Hokkien mee RM5.00

This is a rather special dish that is not as widely available elsewhere. The dish is quite fragrant and has a good wok hei. By virtue of being unavailable elsewhere should be a good reason for the adventurous to try this dish.
Pork noodle RM6.00

This dish here is basically zhu zhap or mixed pork noodles. It includes all types of innards as well as some meats. The broth is also very full bodied and tasty. There is so much going on in this bowl, that your mind will need time to interpret all the sensation you get.
Assorted Rice Dumpling
Hakka Style Pork Knuckle RM6.00
The pork here is very tender and chewy. One problem that is usually associated with pork knuckle dishes is the pungent taste that it emits. However, such a problem does not exist in this dish, so it eliminates the "fear factor" in the dish.
Kampung Fried Rice RM5.00
This fried rice is laden with deep fried anchovies, that it gives an alternative texture of soft rice and crunchy anchovies. The fragrance from the small fry is what gives this dish a good taste. If that is not enough, it even comes with sunny-side-up. 
Butter Fried Rice RM6.00
This fried rice is different from your average one, the one sensation that greets you is the fragrant taste of butter that cannot be found elsewhere. This dish also comes with sunny-side-up. 
Soto Ayam RM4.50
The soto here is light and easy, while also containing a lot of ingredients. Herbs and fried shallots were also used to give it a more fragrant taste.
Char Nyuk Mee RM5.00
The pork here is very fragrant from cooking slow and in low heat barbaque. There was also a very generous amount of meat to give some value to your money. 
Pei Dan Gao (Century Egg Dumpling) RM6.00
The dumpling skin is very firm so it wraps the egg inside nicely so all of its innards remain intact. Chewy yet firm at the same time, the right combination when looking for good dumpling.
Honey Fish fillet Rice RM5.00
The sauce on this fish is just super. Sweet and savory yet at the same time it doesn't overwhelm the fish. So you still know what meat are you eating. 
Thai Fried Rice RM5.00
Assortment of chilies and peppers give an aromatic fried rice, and yet not too spicy. So it strikes a balance between 2 senses of a thai recipe.
The hawker food feast

There you have it, folks. If you've only visited Food City during the night, it's time you also come during the day so as not to miss out on some delicious food that they have here.

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