ntv7 Yuan Carnival @ KDCA, Penampang - Start from 10am-5pm

"Circle Tour" the first in East Malaysia Sabah on May 12-13 with more joy, more exciting programs to bring Sabah viewers. HAVING visited 13 locations in Malaysia since its humble beginnings in 2010 and attracted an impressive 235,000 visitors, ntv7’s Yuan Carnival was created to reach out to its faithful viewers.  Flea market items and a variety of food stalls can be found at the Trade Zone while over at the Fun Zone, indulge in fun fair activities and games. Meanwhile, visitors stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as holiday packages, home appliances and vouchers through lucky draw sessions. (reference from www.nst.com.my)

Kadasandusun Cultural Association
Hongkod Koisaan,
KM 8 Penampang Road,
P.O.Box 907,
89509 Penampang,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 6088-713696

This community centered event now returns for the third year. The carnival this year, under a re-branding exercise, will be divided into four zones Entertainment, Educational and Cultural, Trade and Fun with specific activities planned for each zone. The Entertainment Zone comprises stage and booth activities, meet-and-greet session with celebrities, performances, competitions, mini concerts, and more.
By Toto (Sports by Toto) third-party sponsorship, one FM radio station is specified, Guangming Daily as specified newspapers in Sabah Kota Kinabalu the Kadazan Du Shunwen village "circle tour" invitation to Sabah Kota Kinabalu. Chin Eugene Chen Ju Shen, president of the Chamber of Commerce came to join the festivities and to officiate at the opening.
The TOTO uphold "taken from society, with society" (Sports, by Toto) will accompany the "circle tour" to Sabah, to facilitate and support the districts of vulnerable groups, the warmth and the care dedicated to them. Designated radio one FM 'happy' host Kyan, 'Music 50 Jicha' Max 'Happy Hour' Nicholas will interact with the site to friends.
In addition, the the ntv7 entertainment e7 "will also be to the" circle tour "live outdoor broadcast came on the scene you can experience the TV recording process and see the auspices of the television host, style and charm!
ntv7 "circle tour" will be the venue is divided into four major theme of the SAR, including for Starchaser Habib Major League Entertainment, Zone, allows you to purify the soul of the soul gas station (Educational and Cultural Zone) for you to enlist delicious foodstuffs around the life Xiaozhan (Trade Zone), and ultimately, the joy of laughter again and again round swim Fun DC (Fun Zone), can swim in the size of a one weekend a good place.
Habib Alliance (Entertainment, Zone) this will be a local singing will be brought to Kota Kinabalu. The origin of Taiwan's popular singing talent show "Pink Tank" character Joan sound is about to come back to perform for everyone in Malaysia Sabah singer of origin Henley Xu Liang Yu will also return home performed In addition, hi Ailing Jia Jun Huang Will fans and friends, do not miss a great opportunity to close contact with the beloved singer! Kopi Lin Guowei will be the scene with his album "supporting role" with his album "coffee cookies" and Athena Ma Jiaxuan will meet with East Malaysia fans.
ntv7 Chinese news anchor Li Xiaohui, Yang Xi and Bai Jianming will also visit the scene to make close contact with you; old who loved the old man and his good friend Da Fanshu also appeared on the scene! Addition, if your dream is to become a news anchor, then you are welcome to participate in the "news anchor the simulation audition game, winners will have the opportunity to debut at the the ntv7 live sessions for" circle tour "live coverage of a taste when the anchor taste!
Variety of workshops, book fairs, sharing, and other exciting activities will appear in the heart of the gas station (Educational and Cultural Zone). In addition, there are also a series of lectures, including the Visiber "Digital Life" Seminar, enzymatic treatment of kitchen waste. Joey Yap, Consulting Group, (JYCG) of the eight characters face lectures. And the ntv7 women accounted for yet wind "fashion host Mayjune MayJune Tan also teach everybody how to make environmental protection mask, to love their beautiful skin can also take care of our planet. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) will join the "circle tour" Kota Kinabalu station, and love the earth. Addition to the mini book fair to add the scholarly atmosphere, green workshops (Go Green Booth) will also have fun coloring, guess the painting competition, environmental protection, exhibitions and fun activities.
Kota Kinabalu's friends do not miss the free drinks of the life Xiaozhan (Trade Zone) delivery, product discount promotions, contests and other exciting activities! There are "recipes" editor will be present to teach everybody how to cook beautifully cooking. Here also prepared a series of competitions and games with prizes, absolutely interesting and fun! In addition, the KK Food Fest is held in a cooking competition, consider themselves culinary extraordinary, you can not miss this game!
Whether you are a dance Wizards singing players, or 3 years old this year or next year 80-year-old men, women and children, if you think you have his extraordinary talent, be sure to take part in our series of games, including adult and student Kara ok competition, dance competition, coloring competition, cooking competition, quiz competition and so on. You also have the opportunity to purchase a long-standing favorite items fun bidding link to the 'favorite' price!
More importantly, a two-day round tour and prepared a beautiful bags and let the masses free convertibility at a specific time flyers or newspaper advertisements. More importantly, we will be free from time to time free delivery of each child, the gift will be lucky draw prizes such as cash coupons, tour packages, home appliance products, etc. hidden in each child, waiting for lucky you to win.
So rich, so wonderful, "circular tour" you, how can I miss? May 12 and 13, agreed to join the festivities, with a rewarding experience in Kota Kinabalu Kadazan Du Shunwen of the village (KDCA Cultural Village)
Our Lunch Take-Away from Yuan Carnival
Nasi Lemak, RM6.00
Curry Fish Ball, RM2.50
Curry Chicken Rice, RM6.00
Arisan Fried Chicken, RM6.00
Yuan Carnival will be held in Sabah and Negri Sembilan for the first time this year. With eight locations mapped out, including Penang, Perak, Selangor, Johor and Sarawak, the carnival will continue till December. For more information, please visit the the ntv7 "circle tour will" official website www.ntv7.com.my/yuan-carnival

Shot with Nikon D7000 
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