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Xiao Tao Yuan, Citymall

Clarice Friday, July 16, 2010 , , ,
Citymall, next to The Hut restaurant.

Feeling of having steamboat but couldn't think of any nice one. Suddenly, this Xiao Tao Yuan came out in my mind as we had breakfast before at this restaurant for their noodles. They are doing steamboat but instead of soup, they use porridge. Hence, will be having porridge cum steamboat. :+) Good for us as we all felt bit dehydrating, need something to hydrate us back. :P

Set for 4persons - RM28 per person. It's actually more worth it when you have 4 persons to have this steamboat porridge as it comes with varieties of meat and vege.

The soup = porridge

Malay chicken and eggs

Self service sauce - I took garlic with oyster sauce, chilli padi and kit chai.

Mixed pork

Vegetables and home-made fish cake - I'm a fish cake lover, prob because my mum could make very good fish cake. Good one must be springy enough but not too hard, fish must be fresh too, no funny or pungent smell. This one was just so so. Not springy enough, actually was soft. So I was guessing the fish prob was not too fresh.

Their lunch menu

Their Tea Time Menu

Tadaa... our dinner... watery porridge... with lots of fishball, meats etc....

Adding in the vege
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