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The Marmalade Pantry is a bistro located at level 3 Ion Orchard. The concept of this restaurant is very similar to "Delicious" that we have in KL minus the asian offerings. Having heard mix reviews of this place before, it is only right to give this place a try.
We made a reservation for 2 at 8pm on a Friday night for dinner. The good thing about its location is the open concept of the restaurant which allows you to have a full bird's eye view of heel throttling ladies in their Chanel's and Louboutin and their shopping bags. Its not hard to spot someone famous here. After all it is ION, a similar concept to Pavilion in KL. I think the flower on the table added a nice homely touch to my dining experience.
My dining companion ordered the crabmeat linguini with pine nuts, tomatoes and chilli which she throughly enjoyed. The linguini was al dente and it was the right blend of taste. However she did commented that it was different from the one Delicious served which was more light and taste wise, did hit the right note. I guess it really depends whether you are a tomato based diner,cream based diner or neither one.
The linguini was priced at $22. My best attempt at making my friend make the linguini look delicious.
I on other hand had my eyes set on the grain fed beef cheek guiness pie with celeriac puree $26.
Seriously, you cant go wrong ordering a beef pie. Okay verdict on the pie!
I love it! Portion wise, it was perfect! Not too huge neither was it too small. Now taste wise! The beef was extremely tender and perfect for someone with difficulty biting on tough chewy things (braces) and the guiness sauce and celeriac puree just blended so well together.
It is difficult to take a close up shot of this dish so this is the best i could do with until hunger got the better of me which made me throw my camera aside and starting enjoying this dish!

My overall dining experience here was good but not the best. Firstly i think the service was not up to par, the waiters and waitresses did not seem to be in a happy mood. But that aside, i was happy with my meal. Did not managed to give the dessert a try, but i heard that their cupcakes are pretty delicious ( but my standards for cupcake is really high after tasting the most delicious red velvet cupcake in an alley located at Melbourne) and their Sticky date toffee pudding with vanila ice cream. So if you are nearby, do give this place a try.

To peruse through their menu and dining offerings, you can check out

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