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Little Italy

Clarice Thursday, July 29, 2010 , ,
Little Italy
Kota Kinabalu City Centre
(Opposite Wisma Merdeka, same building as Capitol Hotel)

This restaurant is one of the hottest and most crowded restaurant, regardless of weekday or weekend. It is not only famous place to dine in for tourists, due to its strategic location in town and surrounded by hotels, also famous for the locals. Looking by its name, could already guess they are serving Italian food.

We went there on my uncle's actual birthday, with a friend of him, whom just got back from London for holiday in KK. My uncle already decided couple weeks before his big day that we must go there on his birthday for the baked sandwich, which is a must as it is everyone's favourite. :+)

Homemade Lemonade
It's a must drink for us whenever we dine in there. Not too sweet, but very refreshing lemon taste. And you will be surprised with the tiny hint of saltiness. :=) guess that's their 'secret recipe' for a good lemonade. ")

Crespelle Al Forno
Flavour: Spinach + mushroom + ham
It's a mouth watering dish. Very similar to Lasagna. Oven-baked, and Crespelle are delicious as it has a lighter feel to it. Special and love the combination taste of spinach, mushroom and ham...

Zuppa di Mare
I have to say that it is a MUST try dish. It's a fresh seafood coup with squids, prawns, mussels, clams and scallops cooked in rich tomato soup. It is served with freshly baked garlic bread too. It is light, sweet and rich in fresh seafood taste.
With additional Rm2.50, they would add in a full portion of spaghetti, which will make this up a full meal. Believe me, after having this bowl of soup, I could already BURP!!!!~~~~ hahahahaha... Knowing the big portion, I shared it with Alisa, then we still have some rooms for other food.

Garlic Bread... crispy and very garlic taste...

La Pizza Small 9" RM19.90, Large 12" Rm26.00
Flavour: Hawaiana (Basic pizza topped with pineapples, turkey ham and black olives)
To me, I like this pizza. It's cheesy but yet not too heavy. Nice combination of the homemade tomato sauce, ham, cheese and BLACK OLIVES. Normally other restaurants do not add in olives. But this pizza was rich in lives taste. yummm~~~~

Puccia Prosciutto e Formaggio
It's freshly baked sandwich with lettuce, tomato, turkey ham and Emmenthal cheese.
It's similar to normal white bread sandwiches that we normally have but the most distinctive of this sandwich is the 'bread' itself. They baked the 'bread' and it was super crispy that you don't feel like you are eating sandwich, more like snack or junkie.... haha...:)
We love this so much and we order this everytime we dine in in Little Italy. Not forget to mention, it came with generous amount of ham and cheese... thumbs up!!!~~

Total Paid: RM150.00+

A highly recommended Italian place with nice atmosphere and environment, also good service. Try it out!

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