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Retaurant Eddie, Herritage Plaza Lintas

Angeline Friday, July 23, 2010 , , ,
Restoran Eddie
Location: Near Restoran BTC
Food: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 21/07/10
Not long ago, Jack's buddy, Anndy, told him that there is a shop serving good Western food at Lintas. Hmmm...if you think that Archie de Corner serves the best Western food in KK (just like what we did), you are yet to be proven wrong. It was a huge surprise to find out that the Western food here are much better than Archie de Corner.
Lamb Chop, RM18.00
I had an urge to eat Lamb Chop tonight, which I will rarely do. The New Zealand Lamb Chop topped with mints sauce was good. The meat was tender and it doesn't left me feeling greasy all over my mouth after having this. The oil used to fry the fries was clean, you will know it by looking at the colour of the fries. The portion was huge too!
Sirloin Steak, RM24.00
Sirloin Steak wasn't the most expensive dish in their Menu. They serve Tenderloin Steak as well. The Sirloin Steak was thick and huge. The meat was tender and the black pepper sauce was good. Eating here, left us feeling less guilty as it doesn't
Total paid for dinner, RM43.90 (Drinks RM1.90)

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maslight said...

One of my favorite place for mix grill. Always add extra mint sauce in my case ;)

jack_vern said... i have been an admirer for western food in kk, i had visited and tasted most of the western food restaurant in kk...for my favourite western food stall would be in kedai kopi hilltop which they have a combination of tasty sauces served on their menu..although eddie's steak are cheaper and more but their combination appetizer is too simple like the mix veggie and beans which most people prefer to have a coleslaw or mashed 2nd is of course upperstar which they have the lamb shank steak that is the best of all steaks served with delicious mashed potatoes just similar to the lamb shank served in secret recipe..

Nicholas said...

did you know that archie's de corner was actually restoran eddie at one point?

Monica said...

Nicholas, yes we knew it..another place that archie de corner used to be was jeff d the way, do u know where is archie de corner now? heard that they had moved again...

Queenie said...

Before,the 'chef',named Eddie use to work at Archie De corner.. then he stop and open his own restaurant named Restoran Eddie.. of coz he give more portion than Archie's so dat he won the points.. or else people wont considering to come to his place and go to Archie place.. if everything just the same.. rite? but for me,i prefer at archie's.. Know y? coz we like to eat lamb chop medium ray,it's really medium ray.. as in Eddie's place,we found tat they cook the lamb earlier.. so whenever got order,they just reheat it,to save time.. So once we ask for medium [email protected] masak,the girl working there(accidentaly)says,"alah sorry oo.. sini suma suda kena masak sedia.. tiada yg masih mentah"... think yourself :)

Anonymous said...

This was my brother's restaurant and Eddie was my father name , my father named my brother with his name , Eddie Sequerah Jr . I've seen the chef cook all the main course are extreamly fresh from the refrigerator . Maybe the waitress is a newbie and maybe they dont know a thing bout it . Check the kitchen with your bare eyes if you dont believe it okay ??

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