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Ipoh Town Kopitiam, Karamunsing Kapital

Angeline Tuesday, July 27, 2010 , , , ,
We are so suprise to see some many food outlet booming out in Karamunsing Capital, good for us, more place to blog!
Boston from Kuala Lumpur, I've been to the one in Puchong "Opening Soon"
Maybe will try this next week
Looks good!
Now I know where all the crowds have gone! Since Fook Yuen open here, other food joint here been a bit quite. I guess the patrons think why pay more for everyday food when they have a choice.

This morning, I had a breakfast appointment with some gym members. We were lazy to think of a new place to eat, so, we were back to IpohTown.
Ipoh Town Kopitiam at Karamunsing Capital
Block A-0-1, Lorong Kapital
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088 487 874
Food: 3.5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 23/07/2010
One of the reason we chose IpohTown was because the food is good and it is convenient for all of us.
 Curry Chicken Rice, RM7.60
The Curry Chicken was good. Strong spices taste and wasn't too spicy. Not very creamy yet have the 'kick' that I like while having curry. Good to go with the rice too.
Set Break C - half b.eggs on toast + white coffee, RM5.90
Just by looking at the photo, you know that it tasted good. It is always nice to eat half boiled egg with the old style. It reminded me of my old school day when mom cooked the half boiled egg for us to eat with toast.
 Set Break I - Tuna sandwich + white coffee, RM6.80
Lots of tuna filling and the toast was crispy. But Allison said that it had too much mayonnaise.
Set Break D - half b.eggs + strawberry jam toast + white coffee, RM6.90
Set Break B - Half B.Eggs + Garlic Butter Toast + Kopi O, RM5.20
Iced Fire Polo Bun, RM3.00
Crispy bun with butter filling. Sweet and savoury. It was fragrantly good too.
Set Break B - Half Boil Eggs + Peanut Butter Toast + Kopi O (Cold), RM5.40
Double half boil eggs
Single half boil eggs
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