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Jack's Birthday - Kohinoor Northern Indian Restaurant, Waterfront

Angeline Friday, July 30, 2010 , ,
Kohinoor Northern Indian Restaurant, Waterfront
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 28/07/2010
To most of our blog's followers, you might have been very familiar with Kohinoor as we had blogged about it for countless times. Kohinoor is one of our favourite restaurant and we will dine in during special occasions. 
It was Jack's birthday, so, we planned to celebrate at Kohinoor. We made an early reservation as sometimes the restaurant really get very packed and at times, we couldn't really find an empty seat.
Guinness Stout RM20.00
Kohinoor Fun Fries RM8.90
I was late for the dinner. Monica and Jack ordered the fries as snack while waiting. Unlike the normal fries, this was mixed with some spices and hence it had a nice flavour.
Dhaal Tadkaewali RM9.90
Dhaal is Monica's favourite dish. She love the creamy taste with mild spices taste. Goes well with Naan.
Khadai Mixed Sabzi RM11.90
This is a must-have dish for us. Mixed vegetables cooked with spices. Spicy yet delicious.
Tandoori Chicken RM32.90
Another must-have dish. The Tandoori Chicken was well-marinated and the chicken tasted so flavourful. It comes with peppermint sauce. Love it!
Garlic Naan RM4.90
Cheese Naan RM6.90
Plain Naan RM3.90
Kohinoor still serves the best Naan in town.
Mutton Sizzling RM30.90
We all love the Mutton Sizzling. The mutton was so tender. Nice aroma and rich in spices taste.
Vegetarian Briyani RM12.90
The rice was flavourful and tasted so good on its own. For extra flavour, two types of sauce were given.
Instead of birthday's cake or cupcakes, see what we have this time...
Donnashi from Big Apple RM29.40
Every single Donnashi had its own unique flavour. It was creamy yet tasted heavenly good. Yummy!
Happy Birthday, Jack!!
Going to be 30 next year!!
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