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Trista Tuesday, July 13, 2010 , , , , ,
Heya, I'm Trista, one of Angeline indoor cycling buddy in Celebrity Fitness. I like snapping photos of people and food, for me is important to remember every happy moment with friends and also feel blessing for having good food everyday. Angeline has been invited me to join in her food blog for quite some times, as I don't really know I can commit to it, I've never response to her. Lately, I've invested into a new Camera - Panasonic Lumix GF1, so I thought it will be worth a try to blog.
Photos for this few post was from mobile phone camera and normal digital camera, haven't start using my GF1 yet, excuse my photos quality.

If you want to know me, come near. Buy me a drink, or coffee we can spend a long time to discover our interest. If all we have is time, then we certainly can do anything we put our mind to continue another day. My quotation, if you don't make enough mistakes then you're not working hard enough to create it, haha.
I enjoy spending time and outing activities with friends.

Hopefully I can bring you some interesting blog posts in the coming future, please forgive me if I'm not good enough
Below will be my food diary, never plan to blog, so forgive me for no price stated on the meal!

Let's start with some Western Food:

Celebrating and hangin out with friends at Chilis
Chili's Restaurant at Mid Valley one of our most favourite indulgence place
Fish and Chips
Chili Sauce
Grilled Steak
Chicken and Beef Fajitas
Dipping and side dish for Fajitas
Seafood Chowder
Ceaser Salad
Cold Lemon Tea

During Zouk Cafe Bar Promotion at The Garden Mid Valley City, me and my group of girlfriends hang out here
We order Hoegaarden, Beer from Belgium
We really fall in love with Hoegaarden, smooth fruitty flavor beer

On Sunday, while waiting for my friends to come and join me for drinks at Station 1 Cafe at Taman OUG
Grilled Chicken Chop

During my lunch our, I had this alone at Bistro Delifrance at Mid Valley
Spaghetti Bolognese

I'm having lunch alone as well today at Alexis The Garden Mid Valley City
I order light Spinach Salad cause I want to leave some empty space for a nice dessert
Alexis Tiramisu, RM15++

Me and my colleague having lunch here
Nice cup of Brewed Coffee
San Francisco Fish
Pan-fried Fish Fillet with Crepe
Texas Chicken
Grilled Chicken with Crepe
Dessert Strawberry Ice Cream Pancake Coin
Sausages, Ham and Hash Brown with Pancake
The Killer
Totally failure, I'll rate 3/10

Celebrating my Birthday, Fullhouse At Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Cheese Cake made by a gym member "Chef Tony"
Potato Wedges
Salmon Fish Seafood
Butter Sweet Fish
Chicken Chop with Black sauce

Aha! Today I'm having McDonald for lunch cause I want to collect the World Cup glass
McDeluxe Set Meal

A trip to Singapore
New York New York Deli
Green Apple Soda with Cherry
Yummy Cherry
Strawberry Float
Mushroom Soup
Potato Wedges
Grilled Chicken with bbq sauce top with pineapple
Chef Recommendation, Pepperoni Pizza
Thumbs up for this!

Enjoying a Tea Break with friend at StarBucks
Chocolate Cake
Sausage Roll

Very stressfull day, feel like some quite time, having lunch on my own
Seed Cafe at Mid Valley
Pumpkin Soup
Seed Cafe Chicken Chop

Spaghetti Grill at Mid Valley (same group of owner with Chili's)
 Fried Chicken Tender
Chicken Panini
Crispy Fries
Magherita Pizza
Seafood Pasta
Fish n Chips

Zen Cafe on Level 3 Midvalley Centre Court (same owner with Secret Recipe)
Cheese Cake

After all this good food, time to hit the gym, gotta burn more calories!
Celebrity Fitness on 3rd Floor Northcourt Mid Valley
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Trista said...

Both eyes blinking*
Special Thanks to Angeline have spent so much time for doing and arranging the photos above. You are such a 'Blogaholic' especially good in introducing foods. And as well your fitness,your energy! Hahaha ..See you again ! Keep it up giving us more updates!:)

Aya said...

Hey! Trista and I share the same hairstyle! Welcome aboard Trista!

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