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Supertanker Restaurant

Clarice Friday, July 23, 2010 , , , ,
Tel: 019-882 7889 or 088-717 889

It was my youngest uncle's birthday celebration. We were scratching our heads off where to dine as usual. Trying to think of any new place or any old that we have not been to for some time. Suddenly "Supertanker Restaurant" came out of my mind. This restaurant is famous of its home-cooked specialty dishes which are cooked by the owner himself, and one of the Captains is her wife. We always look for her for dishes ordering as she can really recommend some special dishes.

Fish Maw Soup with lots of crab meats
yummy... it was not too starchy and yet full of crab meat taste.

Chicken in two flavour - steamed with herb and salt and fried chicken stuffed with glutinous rice
No kidding... both were so delicious that almost walloped when it came to my turn to take. I only managed to get small bites of each. :P The steamed "yim guk gai" was tender and the saltiness was just right. The fried one was crispy and surprisingly the glutinous rice was very flavourful and got the right softness... yummm yummmm...

Steam Garoupa with Mushroom and Ham
Initially we opted for simple steam garoupa fish with soya sauce. The Captain recommended this combination. It was a right decision to take this dish. We wanted a big fish of 1kg+ but these were the biggest one available for that day. Anyway, the fish meat was very silky tender and went well with the mushroom and ham. :)

Stir Fried Baby French Bean "Gui Dou" with minced pork + diced mushroom + dried prawn
A very big portion which we special requested. The bean was fresh and fried to the right crunchiness. The combination of minced pork, mushroom and dried prawn just so tasty.

Sesame Salad Prawn in Yam Ring
Initially we opted for wet butter cream prawn. While ordering, we saw next table was having this yam ring, hence we ordered yam ring and the sesame salad prawn was recommended by the Captain. Yam ring was very soft and flavourful, also crispy. We are yam lover. :=) The prawn was fresh and good too. Luckily the chef didn't put too much mayonise.

Traditional "Pai Guat Wong"
We actually ordered Champagne Pork Chop. But guess the chef cooked the wrong dish. Somehow, it was good.

They gave us the gravy for the Champagne Pork Chop to go with our Pai Guat Wong. We have tried the Champagne Pork Chop before and it tasted more of lemon taste and hint of champagne taste. Was a special dish. Will definitely order it again next time.

Stew Pork Knuckle, served with fried bun "man tou"
The bun was ok. Not really fancy of this dish though. Taste was ok but the meat was bit too dry and rough. The chef didn't give us enough gravy as well that we had to ask for more gravy.

"Pi Pa" Duck
YUMMY! Thumbs up! Crispy skin, tender meat and good sauce = walloped in no time. :=)

Complimentary dessert - Pandan Pudding
This restaurant is famous of its dessert though.

Dessert (of course not complimentary one) - Fried Glutinous Ball with Lotus Filling
I was already too full by then and gave away my share to my mum. According to them, nothing to shout bout of this dessert.

Strawberry Jelly Cake
Birthday of course must have birthday cake. :=) hehe...
I ordered it from Lorrine (my regular home-bake cake supply recently). Been considering of taking 7" or 9" for quite some time due to the stiff price. 2" didn't look big difference but actually 9" is double of 7". Thinking of many of us, then I just ordered the 9". No regret though. When I collected the cake, it was so heavy, something like 4kg!
The cake was good and refreshing with hint of sourish from the strawberry. No 'heavy' feeling after eating it. GOOD!

Bottom: chocolate sponge cake, middle: some kind like milky custard, Top: Fresh strawberry and jelly

Strawberry Jelly Cake (7" RM60.00, 9" RM115.00)

Total of the bill paid: About RM540.00 (excluding the cake)
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