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Hung Ji, Damai

Clarice Monday, July 19, 2010 , , , ,
鸿记 Hung Ji
(Opposite row of Dr Kong / Rinko)

We just love to come to this shop when we feel like eating fish noodle. The portion is quite big and the price is rather reasonable and not expensive.

It was my uncle's birthday. Hence, the Boss declared holiday on that Saturday. After fetching my uncle's friend Alisa who has got back from UK few days ago and meeting up with our friend Kevin for property viewing, we went for lunch at this shop.

Alisa's Lunch: Meehoon in Fish Fillet, Fish Ball, Fish Beancurd (Yu Fu) in Tomato and Salted Vege soup. RM5.50per bowl
The soup was very clear and rich in tomato and hints of salted vege taste. Fish fillet, ball and beancurd were fresh and sweet. :=)

My lunch: Gon Lao Mee with bowl of Tom Yam soup with fresh fish fillet and fish beancurd
My aunty's lunch: Also tom yam but with fried fish fillet and mee hoon.
Also RM5.50 per bowl
Thumbs up also for the tom yam! Not too spicy and not too sourish. With the right hint of spiciness and sourish, the fish fillets were still tasted fresh and sweet. yum yummm...
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