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Restaurant Hilltop

Clarice Thursday, July 1, 2010 , ,
Restaurant Hilltop
(Opposite to Lintas area, nearby Fu Pin Dim Sum place)

It was a belated birthday celebration for my dad on last Sunday. My dad was craving for Restaurant Hilltop food. So here we all again 11adults headed for dinner at Restaurant Hilltop.

Stir Fried Ostrich Meat with Spring Onions and Gingers. Very nice and fragrantly good with the spring onion and ginger. Ostrich meat was also tender.

Stir Fried Local Vege "Su Zhai Choi" with garlic. Greens are always nice with just garlic. :=)

Fried Chicken in Thai Sauce. See how hungry were these hungry ghosts were. Only left with this by the time I took out my camera. It tasted good and appetizing as well with the sweet and sour Thai sauce.

Portugese Style Pork Belly - House specialty. The pork belly with little bit of fat was cooked in portugese style, which came with some grapes. Special and tasty too.

Claypot beancurd and seafood - it was home-made beancurds. Very smooth and soft with hint of egg taste.

Fish Head "panggang". Was just so-so. Used to be very tasty with a strong hint of wine taste.

Fish Fillet in Asam Pedas Sauce - we love this dish very much. Right amount of asam and pedas with vege n fillets... Good to go with rice.

Fried Dumplings - Also good. Crispy skin with flavourful filing.

Fried Prawns in Lemon and Sesame sauce

Chicken and Prawn Paste with Mayonnaise. Chicken was de-boned and turned into paste with prawn and deep fried. Quite a special dish. Everyone was ok with it. I just dislike the mayonnaise.

Grill string ray fish - A bit too overgrilled and dry. We like the special sambal sauce that served with it.

Since it was birthday celebration, sure need a cake for dessert. I order a home-made Mango cake. Let the photos tell you how yummy it is.

See the amount of mangoes in the cake??? So so so yummy but not too sweet as well. We walloped the whole cake right after the dinner. :=)
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