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Borneo Wild Restaurant - Revisit on 6-July-2010

Clarice Friday, July 16, 2010 , , ,
Bundusan Square, Lot 27-0 & 28-0,Block C,
Ground Floor, Bundusan Square,Jalan Bundusan,
Penampang,Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-732 222 Fax: 088-732 332
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.

It's usual for us to dine in in Borneo Wild Restaurant when we are running out of idea where to dine. We ordered more dishes this round as my aunty's mum and brother joined us for dinner. They were flying off to Clark the next day, hence staying overnight at our place.

Sometimes rather pai seh though as the boss knows I took photos of the food every time I dine in. He would say to me... remember to take photos ah... hahahaha... and now on and off, he would recommend new dishes and show to us as what the next table having. :=)

Stew Pork Knuckle (Hong Shao Yuan Ti), served with Steamed Buns (Man Tou)

Stew Bayam in Chicken Stock with century and salted egg. One of my favourite dish. They always laugh me that I love anything with century or salted eggs.

Prawn in Lotus Leaf - very rich in lotus leaf aroma and taste. Yummy!

Stir Fried Purple Cabbage with Garlic

New Dish - Chicken in Thai Style - The chef cut the chicken into small pieces and mixed with mangoes and Thai sauce. The chicken skin was very crispy and this dish was very appetizing. Yummy too!

Of course, they served us with complimentary Gui Lin Gao. :=) recently we got double portion of dessert. haha

Total paid: around RM80.00 for 5 adults.
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