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Restoran SS2 Murni at PJ, Kuala Lumpur

After watching SEX AND THE CITY with Joyce, we window shop for a while at The Garden and Mid Valley. We have a dinner appointment with her sister Alice's and her family at 8pm, planning to eat at Sri Murni cause I think the kids will love it, but too bad Alice's elder son is sick can't join us. At 4:30pm, we already tired of walking, we sit down for a drinks then walk back to Northpoint, my home, I left my handphone at home. I call up City One Massage place at Central Plaza, OUG to make a booking, for Joyce 1 hour body massage, for me 1 hour foot reflexology. We make a move to Sri Murni at 7:15pm from OUG to PJ. Manage to find a table for 4 at Sri Murni but we need a table for 7 adults and 2 kids, we were lucky that the table next to us was almost finish, but many people were hunting for that table, we move our chair sitting nearer to the table, when they leave we quickly pull the table to join together... fuh...finally is our.

Watermelon Special
Ice blended watermelon juice with longan, nata de coco and watermelon pieces. Joyce's elder brother "Hau" don't like this drink, he say not good, too sweet and nothing special.
Mango Special
Ice blended juices with longan, nata de coco, and watermelon pieces. Well, expect this drink too be very sweet and high in calories!
Kiwi Juice
Ahh...nothing special, mixed from cordial
Roti Dragon
The bread tasted like naan, which I like it, fillings- cheese, ham, mash hamburger patties
Nasi Goren Kambing Special
The lamb chop was quite nice, the other rest of this dish Joyce's younger brother clean it up
Roti Canai Kosong
The kids like it to be plain, they only eat fries and roti kosong, simple!
Roti Hawaiian
Hmmm I guess this were everyone favourite, finish fast. Basically outer layer was roti canai, fillings - sausage, mash hamburger patties, pineapple, dippings - dhall, fish curry and chilli sauce.
Claypot Loh Su Fan
Eventually when this dish arrive, everyone already quite full, it was nice but we didn't finish it, come with extreme hot and spicy sambal belacan sauce
Chicken Chop
This was actually what I wanted to eat, they are really generous with the sauce, it was good, but I'd only have one bite, sharing.
Mee Raja
This noodle was special, full of flavour, big portion, never miss to order this everytime I eat here, my all time favourite cause I'm a noodle eater. I presume everyone like it, only too full to clean t up!
Total paid for dinner, around RM120 (2 x Mee Raja, 2 Claypot Noodle, 2, Roti Dragon, 2 Roti Hawaiian, Chicken Chop, Nasi Goreng Kambing Special, Roti Canai Kosong, Ribena Special, 3 x Mango Special, Watermelon Special, Starfruit Special, Kiwi Juice, Coke, 100plus)
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hwee-en said...

your photo had made me feel hungry!!!

Nikel Khor said...

seem very worth wor..

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