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Welcome Seafood Restaurant, Bundusan

Cassie Thursday, July 29, 2010 , , ,
What is your comfort food? Chocolate is the most common answer. To me, my comfort food is seafood, especially crabs. I love the succulent taste of the fresh seafood, truly stress-free just by having it.

I was feeling stress recently, so my boyfriend brought me to Welcome Seafood Restaurant for a scrumptious meal to release stress.
Tung Fung Lo
I don't really know what its call in English. Tung Fung Lo is best to be steamed and eaten with some chili sauce. To eat the meat from the shell, toothpick is needed. The meat tasted a little sweet on its own.
Butter Prawns
The prawns was rich in butter flavour, yet still tasted fresh and with a hint of sweetness.
Butter Crabs
As long as it is crabs, I will love the dish. Some will think that it tasted a little bit greasy, but I just love the taste of the crabs no matter how they cooked it.
Fried Noodle
Steamed Prawns
The best way to eat fresh prawns. It tasted so sweet and juicy on its own. Love it!
Steamed Fish with Bean Paste Sauce
The fish is fresh and tasted good. Smooth texture and doesn't have the fishy smell.
Sang Har Noodle
The fresh prawns made the egg's gravy tasted extra flavourful. Eaten together with the noodle, it is just heavenly good!

The total damages for tonight is around RM220.00 which included some beers we had.
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