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Contribute by Joyce: Bali Trip with Family (June'10)

Blog_For_Fun Wednesday, July 21, 2010 ,
Dear blog's readers,

I'm Joyce Ng, an ex-colleague and also a best friend of Angeline. Most of you might had probably seen my photos on the blog before. I'm not really good at writing, so, forgive me if my post is boring.
Don't worry, this is not me! It is my nephew.
Recently, I went for a trip to Bali with my whole family. It was great to spend time unwinding ourselves while enjoying the precious moments with family.
Little girl on the same flight. Isn't she look cute?
It was truly amusing. By looking at the beautiful scenery, immediately we realized that we were far from home and we can just sit back and relax while enjoying the whole trip.
On our way for food!
Babi Guling Karya Rebo
Jalan Toyaning No.1,
Our first stop for food were at Babi Guling Karya Rebo. Needless to mention more, most of us knew that Babi Guling is one of the signature dish in Bali.
Nasi Babi Guling
Babi Guling is actually a dish which used young suckling pig to spit-roasted until perfection. The Balinese believed that the meats of the young suckling pig is more tender and tasted good.
If you asked me, I will say that not everyone will like the taste of the Babi Guling. The porky flavour was really strong that not everyone can easily accept.
After food, we head off to Uluwatu.
Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the most magnificent temple on the island of Bali. Just look at the beautiful scenery and you'll know the reason why the place is so famous.
Our Family Photo. This is what we call 1 Malaysia!
During this trip, I found myself admired my bro-in-law more. He is a businessman who is always busy with his work, however, during this family's trip, I can see that he treasure every moments he had with us. Not only that he sponsored the whole trip, also, he turned-off his mobile phone and paid full attention to the family. He is a real family-man.
Next stop, the GWK Cultural Park
I always believed that things happened for reasons. Sometimes, when bad things happen, we just have to keep our eyes wide open and look from other perspectives. Then, good things will come to us.
My family's members relationship used to be bad because of some little misunderstanding, but when something really bad happened to me, those misunderstandings had been put aside and I become their main concern. Full attention were given to me and they supported me emotionally until the bad times goes. Maybe that's the meaning of 'Family'.
Come back to our trip, most of the time we went for sight-seeing, after all, there is nothing much to do there.
After walking around at the GWK Cultural Park, we had our lunch there as well.
The ambiance of the restaurant is quite good and we had buffet there.
Another Family Photo
Food wise, it was okay. I still preferred Malaysian's food.
Headed back to our hotel
Our room is just very simple but comfortable
The next morning, getting ready to go out for tour.
We were going to Batubulan today. Attraction; Divinities and demons are carved from sandstone for ornaments of houses and temples.
Then, we went to Kintamanis for lunch.
It was buffet style
We get to see a nice view while enjoying our lunch. Oh yah, we also tried the Indonesian Noodle which tasted similar with the instant noodle, IndoMee.
My sister and I
Mom was resting at the restaurant
Times to go to other place!
Visiting another temple again.
The building is an art by itself. Just look at the building structure...

For most, it might had been a boring trip, but for us, we just appreciate the times we spend together as family.
Like father, like daughter. Look at my cute little niece enjoying her ice-cream.
Food, food, food... This time we had dinner by the beach side at Jimbaran
I love sitting at the seaside
Windy day!
We had seafood for dinner. I guessed this is the best meal I had so far, I mean in Bali.
The seafood wasn't enough to satisfied us.
We went for supper at Kuta.
The chicken was well-marinated and it tasted good. Yummy!
After the supper, it is time to head the sack and rest.
Breakfast at the hotel
We were going to see big turtle!
On the way to Mooncot Sari
Yes, we are there!
My bro-in-law and the big turtle! I admire him being a good family man and successful businessmen. Apart from that he is multi-langual, he can speak many Chinese dialect, cantonese, mandarin, hakka....gosh he's good. He always say there're no best taste food in this world, food that suit your tastebud will be the best taste food for you, I'm totally agree with him!
The turtle is so big and cute
Mom also grabbed the chance to take photo with turtle
Great, I'm the camera-lady, that's why I'm not in the photos.
Finally, we had water sports activities. Went to Kanaka Ocean.
Really exciting!
See how clumsy I am...
Even my mom and sis joined me for the water sport activity.
Times for lunch! We went to Madania Restaurant
While waiting for food to be serve...
The restaurant is quite cozy and relaxing
Tasted like sharkfin soup without sharkfin, haha
Finally, food were served
We just had some simple local dishes. Nothing special.
Before I end the post, lets enjoy the photos of Tanah Lot.

Our next trip will be KK in Nov'10, Stay tune!

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