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East Ocean Seafood Restaurant (Dong Hai)

Clarice Monday, July 19, 2010 , , ,
Bundusan, Penampang.
(Behind CIMB Bank)

Was rather curious of this restaurant and got good comment from my friend. So decided to give it a try instead of going to the regular restaurant Borneo Wild. Reached there quite late around 8pm. Was already too hungry by then.

Rather careful when you make order for dishes. There are no pork menu there but the captain told us they do serve pork. "O

Stew Fish Head in Bean Paste (in claypot)
Actually not actual claypot. Already so difficult to find real claypot dish. Was rather too salty to my liking. The fish also not as fresh as expected. Got some pungent smell. Prob so, that's why they cooked the fish bit salty to cover up the smell.

Zhe Jiang Pork Ribs
Rather sourish dish, but somehow it was quite appetizing though.

Deep Fried Bitter gourd
Rather a special dish/ I ate a lot of this dish. The bitter gourd was cut into thin pieces and coated with some special flour and seasoning. Then deep fried. Hence, it was crispy, but can be quite heaty though.

Total paid for the dinner : Around RM80.00

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