Restaurant Jin Jin @ Hilltop

We used to frequent the restaurant when it was known as Lee Wong Kee. Since we experienced the bad service during our last visit to Jin Jin Seafood, it took us almost a year to return for a second visits. Anyway, being a non-bias blogger, I'll always do a follow-up review provided if I had the time.
Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant, Hilltop
Food: 3.5/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 10/03/2010 and 03/01/11
The Soup's stall which had been there as long as I know the restaurant.
2 x Kitchai Ping, RM4.00
Double Boiled Soup
Winter Melon Soup, RM6.00
The Winter Melon Soup was as good as usual. Double boiled for long hours with Winter Melon and Pork Ribs, the soup was flavourful and nutritious.
Watercress Soup, RM6.00
Watercress Soup is good to drink during hot weather. It is believe to have the cooling effect to our body. Personally, I love it. The soup absorbed both the flavour of the pork ribs and watercress. 
Tong Chou Pai Kuat, RM12.00
Deep-fried pork ribs coated with sweet and sourish sauce. Appetizingly good. The tangy taste of the vinegar neutralized the greasiness taste of the pork ribs.
Stir-fried Sabah Vegetable, RM7.00
Kung Po Tien Kai (Frog Leg), RM30.00
The exotic flavour of the Frog Leg was simply delicious. Cooked in Kung Po style, the unpleasant smell of the Frog Leg was eliminated. The frog leg was juicy and sweet on its own while the sauce was sweet and spicy with a mild tang of sourish.
Total paid for dinner, RM54.00


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