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Contributed by Bobidom: Sushi Tei @ Suria Sabah

Blog_For_Fun Sunday, January 30, 2011 , , ,

Sushi Tei is finally opened in Suria Sabah. Can't wait to try it out isn't it? Check out what we say about Sushi Tei!

Initially, BB and I planned to go for a friday night movie...
But since we were late due to pre-CNY traffic jam (PM was at Deasoka earlier), we decided to try the newly opened Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant in Suria Sabah instead ^^

Here are the food that we walloped!

First up, Volcano Roll (Unagi and Cucumber with Cream Cheese) RM8/plate.
Omg the cheese was THE bomb! I'm in love~~~~~

Next is Dai-Dai Roll (Crab Meat, Salmon and Mango Sushi Roll) RM15.80

Third was the Soft Shell Crab Maki @ RM6/plate

Next, Chicken Katsu Don (Chicken Cutlet topped with Egg on Rice) RM13.80

Fifth, the Mini Golden Roll (Mango Prawn Sushi Roll) RM15.80

Lastly, Salmon Mantai RM6.00

It's half cooked salmon topped with cheese. Tasted tad salty but i still like it ^_^

As usual, Ocha is provided too :)

Other menus are as below. Please click to view larger image.

I didn't snapped all pages though. But i can assure you, they have A LOT of choices!
They have a quite nice dessert selection too e.g. Red bean paste vanilla ice cream in Fish shape (just like how Rina loves to eat), different type of daifuku and much more!
I'll try to snap more photos on my next visit.
Was too full earlier and i don't want to ruin my diet :P

Overall, i give this restaurant a 4/5 :)
If the price is around Sushi Zanmai range, i would give it full star =D
Nonetheless, it's definitely worth the try.
I love their variety of menu and service too!
Will visit again with my baby sis this Sunday.

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