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Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant @ Waterfront

Angeline Tuesday, January 18, 2011 , , ,

On our top list of Indian cuisine, you'll never goes wrong with Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant which is located at Waterfront. Known for its richness and flavours, the authentic taste of the North Indian cuisine is a total different from the local mamak.

Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant
Lot No.4, Anjung Samudra,
Tel: 088-235160
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
With the open-air dining area facing the sea, the place are cozy and comfy with a cool breeze of air in the evening.
Our order from YTF stall
Yong Tau Foo, RM13.00
Right next to the restaurant, there is a stall selling Yong Tau Foo. It is one of the best Yong Tau Foo in KK. Don't be confused by the name of the Yong Tau Foo which literally means Stuffed Beancurd. It also contains a varied selection of food items including bittergourd, ladyfinger, brinjal, chili, long bean and fish ball. Fresh fish paste stuffed in the various food items, it was a mouth watering dish.
Carlsberg (Jug) RM36.90

Papadum (FOC)

Half  Tandoori Chicken RM19.90
Chicken was fully united with its spice to tackle any critic that comes in its way. Grilled to perfection, the tender and juicy meat will give you a gastronomic adventure that couldn't be describe. It was tasty.

Curry Mutton Josh RM21.90
To go with Naan, Curry Mutton Josh which comes with a watery gravy will be a good choice. Although the gravy was watery, its do not lack of creaminess nor flavour. Enriched with spices and creamy taste of yogurt, the curry was deliciously flavoured. The mutton was tender with no unpleasant taste.
Dhall Thadkaewali RM9.90
Next on the menu was Daal Tadkewali, which is lentils in yet another thick gravy. It was incredibly rich and creamy with mild spices taste. Simply delicious.
Plain Naan RM3.90
The Naan is flat, with a firm texture, yet still gentle on people with dentures.
Cheese Naan RM7.90 and Garlic Naan RM5.50
For additional flavour, we also ordered some Cheese Naan and Garlic Naan.

Khadai Mixed Sabzi RM12.90
It is a vegetarian dish in rich gravy and a twist of spicy tang. Gravy is speckled with an assortment of spices, cheese (cottage cheese), yogurt, which will tantalize your taste bud with spicy-savoury sensation with just the right about of heat.

Total Paid = RM117.15
Cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes RM28.00
As it was our friend's birthday celebration, I bought some cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes. The sweet and creamy cupcakes was simply good as dessert.


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