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Deep Sea Seafood Retaurant @ Hilltop

Monica Friday, January 7, 2011 , , ,

Seafood in Kota Kinabalu is very popular, so getting a dose of it is a must. Located at the residential area, Hilltop, Deep Sea Seafood Restaurant caters mostly for the locals.
Deep Sea Seafood Restaurant
Shop Lot No.38,
Ground Floor Shop,
3S Centre, Taman Hilltop,
Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: +6088 538668
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5
Visit reviewed: 04/01/11
The dining area of the restaurant are divided into two area; indoor with air-conditioner and outdoor, open air area.
Stir-fried Local Vegetables RM10.00
Stir-fried Local Vegetable is a favourite dish among both the locals and tourists. The delicious stems of the vegetable which tasted sweet and crunchy is simply irresistible.
Stir-fried Choy Sum RM8.00
Deep Fried Tilapia with Sweet and Sour Sauce RM28.00
The Fresh Tilapia Fish cost RM3.50 per 100gm. Deep-fried till golden brown, the whole fish was so crispy, even the fins was chewable. Topped with sweet and sour sauce, it eliminated the greasiness of the fish. Delicious.
Signature Beancurd RM10.00
This is the restaurant's signature beancurd with mince chicken in special sauce. The beancurd itself is made using soy milk and undergoes a tedious process to give you crispy exterior and a creamy tender texture on the inside. However, it tasted a little bit too salty to our liking.
Deep Fried Mantis Prawn RM81.00
The highlight of the meal was the signature dish of the restaurant, Deep Fried Mantis Prawn. The unexpectedly huge Mantis Prawn was lightly coated with batter and deep fried to perfection. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, the Mantis Prawn tasted more like lobster than prawn with tender and sweet flesh. 

Look at the succulent flesh...
Total Paid = RM150.90
Before we ended the post, check out the many cascading aquariums that fill with many variety of lively sea creatures in the restaurant.
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