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Nyonya House @ 1 Borneo

Angeline Saturday, January 22, 2011 , , ,

Having the unique flavour, Pongteh is one of the special dish from the Nyonya recipes. During my childhood, as far as I remembered, my grandma loves to blend some sambal belacan to go with the dish. It was our family's way of eating the Pongteh.
Nyonya House @ 1Borneo
(Located next to Old Town or Dome Cafe)
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Serving the authentic Nyonya cuisine with the flavours closest to my preferences, Nyonya House had become one the restaurant that I frequent.
While I'm not into the mood of writing a draggy post today, I will keep this post short and neat.
White Fungus with Longan, RM4.00
Melaka Ice Kacang, RM6.00
Fragrance with Gula Melaka and nice to satisfy my sweet tooth.
1 red, RM2.50, 3 green, RM6.00 and 3 yellow, RM4.50
Total paid for luk-luk, RM12.50
Pong Teh Chicken (Small), RM14.00
Enriched with spices, the tender and juicy chicken was tasty. The potato not only thicken the gravy, it also absorbed the flavourful taste of the dish.
Assam Fish (Small), RM18.00
The Assam Fish was okay. Sourish, spicy and appetizing.
Jiu Hoo Char (Small), RM10.00
Jiu Hoo Char is one of the traditional Nyonya dish. The dish which consisted of turnips, mushroom, cuttlefish and dried shrimp, tasted pretty flavourful.
Nyonya Mixed Vegetable (Small), RM10.00
Total paid for dinner, RM83.60
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