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Contributed by Mag Low: Restoran Kuan Hwa Kuala Selangor

Angeline Tuesday, January 4, 2011 , , ,

Highly recommended by the locals, Restoran Kuan Hwa is one of the famous Seafood Restaurant in Kuala Selangor. Caters to the multiracial Malaysians, the restaurant doesn't serve pork. Hence, it attracted many Malays patronizing the restaurant. Serving good food with a reasonable price, the restaurant definitely worth a visit.

Restoran Kuan Hwa Kuala Selangor
No. 1A Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu,
Pasar Penambang
45000 Kuala Selangor
Contact :016-2138070, 012-2747417
Total paid for dinner, RM365.00
A good seafood restaurant is hard to come-by in KL. Therefore, most KLites will not mind traveling an extra miles for the sake of indulging in a great seafood meal.
Sweet and Sour Crab, RM38.00 and bread, RM6.00
Among all the seafood, one of the main attraction is the Sweet and Sour Crab. Fresh, meaty and succulent crab cooked with delicious sweet and sour sauce. It is serve with some toasted bread so you can wipe the sauce off the plate in a more civilized manner.
Kam Heong Shellfish, RM20.00
Stir-fried Vegetable, RM12.00
Steamed Fish, RM138.00
Besides crabs, good quality fresh fish is also serve at Restaurant Kuan Hwa. The best way of cooking the fresh fish was to be steamed with minimum seasoning. In this way, the succulent taste of the fish could be remain while it wouldn't be over-power by the strong seasoning or sauce.
Kam Heong Bamboo Clams, RM38.00
Instead of Prawns, other seafood that's available at the restaurant included the Bamboo Clams, Shellfish, Mantis Prawns and Sar Pak (Giant Clams).
Shellfish Herbal Soup, RM18.00
Steamed Mantis Prawn, RM45.00
Steamed Rice, RM10.00, Beer, RM39.00 and Chinese tea, RM5.00
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