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Opening Event OSIM New Retail Concept Outlet @ 1 Borneo

Angeline Monday, January 24, 2011 ,
OSIM, officially opened their first concept outlet store in 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabaly on the 21st of January 2011. Having around 70 OSIM outlets around Malaysia, the 1Borneo outlet is the first to proudly feature OSIM's new branding look and concept in East Malaysia.

OSIM's new concept reflects OSIM as a customer-centric brand which could be categorized into four distinct categories; Relax and Relieve, Tone and Shape, Check and Measure as well as Clean and Purify. Apart from the new tagline, logo and new corporate colours, the 1Borneo outlet also display a more modern, simplistic layout which is easy on the eye. Customers will also be able to experience OSIM products comfortably in a intelligent setting.
The outlet will be offering a variety of products ranging from their smaller, portable products to OSIM's latest innovative massage chair, the OSIM u Divine. It is the world's first human 3D massage chair and fyi, Andy Lau is the ambassador for these product.
Media Registration Counter
More than 20 guests from the media were invited and attended the exclusive event. We, represented Everyday Food I Love, were also proudly invited by OSIM to attend the event.
Monica at Media Registration Counter

Free Gift for invited Media
OSIM Products Tour

Ukimono Mini (RM298)
Shapes, Tones, Massages
Prevent build up of fat cells
Arm, Calf, Thigh toning specialist
Ukimono (RM799)
Shapes, Tones, Massages
Prevent build up of fat cells
Improves Metabolism
One of the best selling item, uKimono is now selling at RM688, in conjuction with the opening of the new concept store.
UMoments (RM368)
Clinically proven sound theraphy
Relaxes mind and enhances sleep
Improves concentration

"uDivine" Latest Massage Chair (RM12,888)

Human-3D Massage
The patented OSIM Human-3D Massage is the most innovative massage technology that provides an intelligent and precise massage based on the human body contours. Combined with a strategically-positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection, the OSIM uDivine delivers the pleasures of the most humanised and effective full-body massage.

Instant massaging delight is just one touch away
Featuring state-of-the-art technology, together with its unique suite of 11 professionally crafted massage programmes by Japanese Expert, Sato Tsuyoshi, the OSIM uDivine redefines performance and quality in full-body massage, delivering an unrivalled humanised massage experience of relaxation and well-being.

Head, Neck and Shoulder
Relieve tension and aches in your neck and shoulders. Simulating the hands a professional massage expert, the Human-3D massage technology delivers a deep and point-focused massage to stiff shoulder muscles while the firm kneading massage action soothes accumulated strains and tensions on the neck.


Music: Sound Theraphy
Mental relaxation: Music therapy has been medically proven to reduce stress and relax the mind. Surround yourself in a therapeutic acoustic environment via uDivine’s built-in speakers and transcend to a whole new world of peace and relaxation with the music of your choice 
Relax your thighs, hips and butt. Long hours of sitting slow down circulation in the hips and butt. Encourage healthy blood flow and relaxation of your lower body with the robust air pressure massage.
Instant relief for your arms, hands and palms
Focusing on the arms, hands and palms, the strategically positioned airbags massage in a choreographed sequence of rhythmic inflation and deflation to revitalise the entire arm from shoulders to fingertips.
Calves and Foot
Rejuvenate tired calves, ankles and feet. Inspired by the pampering warm-spa experience, the retractable leg massage unit provides simultaneous full-coverage to your calves, ankles and feet. The combination of wrap-around power squeeze, vibration massage, roller reflexology and warm air improves circulation and provides instant deep relief to tired and aching legs.
uDivine - The world's 1st Human-3D Massage Chair


 uSqueez Warm special promotional price cost only RM1,588

Dato' Tay Sim Kim, Executive Chairman of OSIM (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Testing the massage chair
Lucky Draw
Earlier, we had our lunch at Lafuente, 1 Borneo Hypermall
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