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Contributed by Charmaine Ku: 24 Hours Restaurant @ Ekamai, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok.

Blog_For_Fun Thursday, January 6, 2011 , , ,

This is my first time blogging here so how should I start? Hm.. .. ..

Firstly, I'm blogging for fun =) So here goes my introduction. My name is Charmaine and I currently am working in Bangkok. I've been here for one and a half years now and still enjoying Thai food a lot! But of course I still miss KK food a lot too.

I wanna thank Monica for giving me a chance to contribute something on this blog. What makes it special is that this is my most visited blog ever! Especially when I miss KK food.. lol~ Ok enough talking and let's get into business.. but do forgive me if what I'm posting is too brief. I don't exactly have precise information and pictures of places I dined at since they're all my random year end holiday pics in Thailand and didn't expect to be blogging about it here ;)

Do you have odd timings for food? This is the PERFECT place for it opens 24hours! Right below Ekamai BTS, Sukhumvit Line, this restaurant serves really awesome Thai food. I can't recall the name of the restaurant.. sorry.. but you wouldn't miss it for sure! It is situated right next to California Wow on the opposite side of Ekamai Rd. (soi Ekamai) at the intersection to Sukhumvit Rd. I went there twice with my bf who was visiting from M'sia during Christmas and New Year 2011 holiday! That proves that it's really good =)

Tom Yam Hed
(Tom Yam with mushrooms.. without coconut milk.. E-San style)
Deep Fried Chicken Tendon
Our favourite! I'm not sure what's it called in Thai but no worries..
their menu is in English as well =)
Deep Fried Sea Bass Sweet and Sour Style
Those green leaves are deep fried holy basil leaves (krap pao)..
They're my favourite.. love the fragrant!

By the way it's very reasonably priced with such a comfortable dining place. Our first visit cost us less than 600baht, roughly RM60 (with a whole fish!).

Alrighty! That's all for this post. I do have more.. but will need to wait a little till I find more time again ;) Sorry for some blurry pics.. wish I have a better camera.. hehe~ Cheers!!! Happy New Year everyone!!! God bless! So long..
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