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Kedai Kopi Kolombong @ Kolombong

Angeline Monday, January 17, 2011 , , , ,

With the wide variety of food from Wor Tip,Grilled Chicken Wing, Grilled Fish, Satay and Tai Chow, Kedai Kopi Kolombong definitely is a good place to satisfy our cravings.
Kedai Kopi Kolombong
Location: Near Giant (Kolombong), corner shop
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 16/11/09 , 06/07/10 and 12/01/11
Undeniably, the food at Kedai Kopi Kolombong are getting ways better compared to our first visit. Probably, we had ordered the wrong dishes all the time until now.
5 x Grilled Chicken Wing, RM9.00
Grilled Chicken Wing from Melvic is always the best. With its outlet at Bundusan, Taman Dah Yeh, Damai, Lido and Kolombong, getting a bite of the Grilled Chicken Wing shouldn't be a hard thing to do. The Chicken Wing is just so delicious. Sweet, juicy and fragrant.
Local's Vegetable Soup
The soup was cooked with local's vegetables, egg, chicken and ginger. Taste wise, it was okay. Nothing to be shout home about.
Stir-fried Bittergourd with Egg
Stir-fried to perfection, the bittergourd tasted just right and it was fragrant with egg's flavour. Simple and nice.
Deep-Fried Tilapia with Sweet and Sour Sauce
The Tilapia fish only cost RM3.00 per 100gm. Deep-fried till really crunchy, even the fins could be eaten. Topped with sweet and sour sauce cooked with pineapple, capsicum, tomato and onion, the dish just tasted appetizingly good.
Hokkien Mee
One of the signature's noodle of the restaurant is the Hokkien Mee. Undoubtedly good. Used thick yellow noodle, cabbage, pork and pork lard stir-fried, seasoned with sweet soy sauce and light soy sauce, the taste was simply irresistible.
Total paid for dinner, RM47.00
Below are the photos taken using Canon G12
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