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Kedai Kopi Dat Seng @ Inanam

Angeline Thursday, January 13, 2011 , , ,
One of my favourite coffeeshop in KK is Kedai Kopi Dat Seng which is located at Inanam Business Centre. They serve a variety of noodles but the main specialties are fish head and tom yam noodle. If you're going for fish head meehoon, you can choose your fish to be fried or freshly boiled, and also choose your prefer broth either cooked with salted veggie (ham choy), bittergourd and spinach. Portion is quite big and really value for money. Others than that you can also choose the vegetable for your bowl of noodle.

Kedai Kopi Dat Seng
Location: same row of shop with 7Eleven
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 15/01/10 and 08/01/11
The shop is always crowded especially during weekend. I like the Tom Yam mee hoon and I must admit that the soup was absolutely delicious! The Tom Yam noodle with Prawn is one of the famous order in the shop.
Drinks, RM4.00
Tom Yam Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon, RM6.00
Enriched with spices, the Tom Yam consisted the perfect balance of flavours. It wasn't too spicy nor too sourish. Served with delicious Fried Fish Head and garnished with lots of coriander, it was a delightful meal.
Salted Vegetable and Beancurd Soup with Fish Head and added Prawn Mee Hoon, RM7.50
Fresh Fish Head and Prawn cooked in superior soup together with Salted Vegetable and Beancurd, served with noodle. The soup was deliciously flavoured with the sweetness from the fish and prawn, savoury taste from the salted vegetable and mild sourish taste from the tomato. The succulent taste of the fish head and prawn, however, were maintained well and it was tasty.
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