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Yong Kee Restaurant @ Tham Jiak Street, Muar

For our breakfast, we headed back to Tham Jiak Street and went to this famously patronage by all the local Yong Kee Restaurant. It was really crowded, can hardly find a seat, but we are lucky enough, someone is leaving. You can find good Tai Chow stall here, famous Wantan Mee stall, Roasted Meat stall, porridge stall, otak-otak stall and Satay Stall, all the good thing in one place.
Wantan Mee Stall
Char Siu or BBQ Pork, Muar style
Kon Lau Wantan Mee, RM3.00
Wow! So cheap...and good, reminds me when I was little my grandma at my mum hometown always buy this for our breakfast, tasted the same.
Satay Babi, RM5.00
Muar is famous with their Satay Babi as well, tasted like daging salai and like char siu as well..very well flavoured, sweet, no dipping needed
Get a good bowl of porridge hear, your porridge will top with egg, very special Muar style
Best roasted meat here, long queue for take away
Yummylicious roasted meat ya...slurp
There are 2 satay stall available here, convenient ya!
A few Otak-Otak stall available here, choose your favourite stall
Look at the crowds
Busy and happening Tham Jiak Street
Otak-Otak Stall
Fried Carrot Cake Stall, located across Yong Kee Restaurant
Love this place!
Nice history looking building
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