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House of CEGGO Food Station @ Taman Desa

Angeline Friday, October 8, 2010 , , ,
Restaurant House of Ceggo Food Station
15, Plaza Danau 2, Jalan 2/109F
Taman Danau Desa, 58100 K.L
(Behind Hong Leong Bank)
(Next to the Korean Mart)
Tel: 03 – 7981 9822
Joel : 012 3796 756
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 08/10/2010
 How about something more creative and delicious on the menu!
I was having my brunch here half an hour ago, sometimes I few excited to put up a post as soon as possible cause of their food creativity, good services and of course food must good as well. I like blogging cause taking photo is my hobby, doing a good deed helping people promoting their food business and eating for living. I found this place through "Food blogger", I like his blog cause he tooks beautiful food photos and I also think he has a nice personality, down to earth guy.

I've wanted to dine here since past few days but I reach here around 9:30pm, they are closed. So today I make an effort to go for brunch. I find it interesting cause it's change the concept of the same old fashion boring pan mee into something more fusion style, creative chef.

Again, this restaurant was started by a few good friends, partnership, one of them is a chef that has come up with all this new creative food menu. They've been in operation since January, during lunch and dinner time this place are always pack.

Iced Lemon Grass Juice (boiled), RM2.00
You'll like it if you like the aroma of lemon grass, healthy drink
Tomato Soup Pan Mee, RM7.80 (Option of: Tear, Thick and Think Pan Mee)
Soup based was really nice, pan mee have a QQ texture, top with anchovies, black fungus and minced lean chicken meat, large portion. This is what I call healthy food.
QQ texture, with a hints of orange colour noodle, natural colour from vegetable
Not oily, lean meat, healthy food!
Pumpkin Soup Pan Mee, RM7.80
Me and mum like this a lot, very nice soup carry the aroma of pumpkin, lots of vegetables. Will definitely order this again!
QQ texture mee goes extremely well with pumpkin soup
Chicken, vegetables and prawn minced meat ball, good! 
Large portion size
Don't forget to try this as well: Loh Pan Mee, Tom Yam Pan Mee, Yam Pan Mee, Ma lat Pan Mee and Curry Chicken Pan Mee (Dry)
Special Pan Mee price at RM7.80
Kon Lau Pan Mien, RM6.00
Not oily and nicely flavour sauce, QQ texture noodle, quite good!
Brunch: Food and Drink, RM22.60
Something New on the Menu
Prawn Pan Mee
This handmade pan mee is a more healthy option for the yellow noodle which is full of preservative. You can see their version of Prawn Noodle is more healthy, not oily at all.
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