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Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa Ramadhan Buffet Dinner 22Aug10

Clarice Thursday, October 14, 2010 ,
It was drizzling on our way to National Park and it was real cold and windy. However, the rain didn't stop us from stopping at the roadside stalls for a walk.

It was a right decision to go for a walk and we managed to find this : -

Durian Bukit - The local type of durian
Hmmmm.... It was a first time try for me too. The first stall that we visited let us have this for FREE as the owner is from Hong Kong too. With our HK friends cantonese ascent, she already knew her buddies from same 'village' were here. So, she generously spent we all for these durians with whatever stock that she got.

Taste wise. Sweet and taste like normal durian. It only lacked of the strong durian smell and taste. According to the lady, this kind of Durian Bukit is definitely not heaty at all.

After we had finished, we proceed to another stall for another round. Five durians coasted us RM10.00. Then, we bargained again second round for 7durians RM10.00

Rambutan Hutan
Same species as rambutan and also not heaty type. Special.... sweet....

A must have for our friends too. They love this and they had it before during their previous trip.

Since it was drizzling non-stop + rather strong wind at National Park, everyone was rather lazy to go out for tour. The weather was just too cold and the wind was really cold too. Instead of going out, everyone enjoyed taking photos and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of our hotel Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa (previously known as Perkasa Hotel) and Mount Kinabalu.

This round, we chose to stay at the chalets that are newly built not long ago. With a slightly more price paid, we think it was real worth. Though it was bit inconvenient to get into the chalet from the main lobby in such raining days as we need to hold umbrella and walked up the hill, we just love the chalet and view from our chalet so much when we got into our chalet.

After few hours of photographing, we decided to go for a visit at the Kundasang Memorial Park. It was a fast stroll as it was cold. Due to the raining seasons, a lot of beautiful plants and flowers didn't survive though the wet season. Too bad. We also had the roadside yummy grill chicken wings and chicken kidney. I guess everyone of us at least ate 2 chicken wings. :=) it was just too yummy....

As for dinner, we decided just to have it at the hotel restaurant. Since it was Ramadhan time, the buffet served was Ramadhan buffet. It was RM30++ per person. The food served was OK but not too many selections.

Fruits and Dessert

Different kind of ULAMS

Beef Stomach in Dry Chili Sauce & Black Bean Fish

Roasted Chicken

Spicy Pakis & Cabbage in Oyster Sauce

Prawns & Mixed Vegetables

Spicy Long Beans & Unknown vege in Santan Sauce

Clear Vege Soup with Chicken

Air Sirap

We took our sweet time having our dinner and chit-chatting while the kids had their sweet time playing around too. :=) was a good catch up time for we all.
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