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"Sai Kee Cafe" Kopi 434 @ Muar

Angeline Tuesday, October 19, 2010 , , ,
Kopi 434 or Sai Kee Coffee
121, Jalan Maharani
84000 Muar, Johor
Tel: 06-951 3046
email: [email protected]
Food: 3.5/5
Services: 3.5/5
Clealiness: 4/5
Most of us are coffee lover, how can we not drop buy their famous coffee maker shop and cafe, business operated since 1953, before I even exist in this world. I was amazed that people here are very business minded, one side of the shop selling all their goods and the other side is cafe with a nicely done interior and look alike Coffee Bean kind of ambient.
Cafe counter
Cafe area
Haha...Monalisa Kopi-O
Kaya and Butter Toast
Hmmm.. very dark colour Kaya
Buy some home
Keento try some 3 in 1 Monalisa Coffee???
Machine to roast Coffee Bean
Collections of coffee grinder
Have a cuppa, at their cafe corner
Not too pricey, but look and feel like Starbucks or Coffee Bean
Special Brewed "Kopi Musang", RM15.00
I want to try something extra-ordinary, good cuppa, always drink good quality coffee without sugar
Coffee Elephant (Hot), RM4.00
Well, nothing special, just like usual coffee from kopitiam
Coffee Elephant (Cold), RM4.50
Arhhh, cold coffee is good, just like what you get in kopitiam
Honey Tea (Cold), RM4.00
It could have been better if they added more milk, not bad
Cheese Cake, RM5.50
Oops! I don't even know it was a cheese cake until I saw the bill, no cheese taste at all.
Total paid, RM33.00
Snack food - Coconut Biscuit to bring home
Coconut Biscuit (Original), RM3.30
Coconut Biscuit (Pandan), RM3.30
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